Bionicle Mad Libz!

Alright, so, I'm going to type this paragraph here and you fill in the words like a game of Mad Libz. 4 winners will be chosen and advance to the next paragraph, where two winners will be chosen and have a final round. The winner gets their character in an upcoming story. The first winners will be chosen on February 11th. So, here's the paragraph:

Tahu and ______ were on a journey to the _____ to retrieve the Mask of ______. On the way, they fight the vicious _______, servants of the evil ______. As they came across a ______ on the trail, a ______ eerily rose up from it and ______ed the heroes. However, Tahu found a way to defeat the ______ by _____ing it's ______.

Ready, set, begin!


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