Bionicle - Marouder (Titan MOC)

Hi there. Hightek here. I have made a bionicle titan MOC with the name called Marouder. The name has no history but being awesome. He is a stable, compact, heavy MOC with a good collorcombination eccept for the purple ribcage, arms and the two random purple spikes on the chest. He has been though multiple versions, each one of them having somthing speciall.

Following the story of him he has 3 powers.

  • Shadowblending: Abillity to become a shadow, a ghost basicly.

  • Arcboltz: power to chock objects and creatures with arcpowers.

  • Shadowboltz: A combination between the two other powers. Basicly turn the arcbolts into a black hole and send the enemy into the abyss.

The massive amount of supports in his legs is needed to hold him up due to the fact of the wings and the heavy upperbuild. The supports are thow poseble and adjustible so bending the legs are easy but the foot on both sides… Hehe. That is a bit harder. The old metru arm peice on his shoulder allows him to attatch a mahri blaster.

Well. Thak you very much for reading and looking this up. Hope you have a good day.


He’s sort of cluttered, and his colors are odd, but he’s pretty cool.
Did you spell Marauder like that on purpose?

the 2 trans colors are distracting, and you should probably get rid of or add more of the white. other than that, looks great

It’s a bit cluttered, mainly the back and legs.

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@king328 The name is made up a pretty basic way. I just thought of the letter two evil dudes start their names with - Makuta and Megatron. So i called him Marouder.

@Omega_Tahu The two transcollors are there for a combination. He was going to be all out black, gunmetal and purple but due to the lack of purple parts and my massive amout of blue pieces i changed it. The purple peices are threre now for reprecenting the shadow part of him. The legs are very strange built i know. But well.

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Well it looks kinda nice, but that white thing looks soooo out of place.

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The white pieces were there just to show that its acombination between dark and light. But i agree. This dude really need more white pieces.

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I feel like the over cluttering snd the colors are the main issue, fix that and you’re good to go!

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Everything she just said, I say the same.
Also, if you could find a better background, that’d be great!

That aside, the MOC is pretty cool! The white could definitely be utilized well here! :smiley:

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Well a better background would do this more justice but it’s alright.

Hmm nice moc a bit cluttered though

Shockwave? Is that you?

Hehe. He was actually based of on Shockave from transformers 3. Soooo… yea. its kind of shockwave

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I can barely look at the MOC due to the lighting.
By the looks of it though it looks pretty great.

I have now updated the moc itself and removed the white parts and the purple. Also a new design on the head and wings and more backarmor