Bionicle: Mask of Imitation chapters 3-4

Chapter 3
A Memoryless Toa

Tahu gave a deep and exhausted sigh, finally returning to the primary village of the fire region. He pierced his flame board into the ground and leaned against it, slowly closing his eyes as he was snapped back to consciousness by the voice of Narmoto, the protector of fire. “Ahh Tahu, you’ve returned, I hope this means you’ve saved Ekimu?”

“Huh…? Oh, yes…” Tahu said wearily. “Ekimu is awake and the mask of creation was saved.”

“Oh? Then where is he?” Narmoto asked as Tahu shoot his head, sitting on the ground and crossing his legs.

“He took Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu with him to go obtain a mythical mask.” Tahu yawned.

“Oh really? What mask?”

“I think he called it…the mask of imitation.” Tahu answered.

“The mask of imitation…my word…why did he not take you and the other two Toa with him?” Narmoto asked worriedly.

“He said it was too dangerous to take us all.” Tahu said in response.

“Ah…That makes sense.” Narmoto nodded, placing a hand on Tahu’s shoulder. “Well good work my friend.” He looked over to Tahu’s flame shield, pulling them out of the ground and handing them to Tahu, his mask glistening in the setting sun. “Come with me, I need you to see someone.”

After Tahu stood, the two walked across and out the village, leaving through the south gates, they took a walk along a beaten path until they reached one of the lookout towers of the village. Upon arrival, a young villager ran out. “Narmoto, Narmoto, you’ve returned!” He shouted as the protector greeted him with a nod.

“Yes yes, and I have brought Toa Tahu.” Narmoto responded as he stepped aside, the young villager’s eyes widened as his gaze fell upon Tahu, He dropped to one knee and lowered his head to the ground.

“Toa Tahu…master of fire…” The villager said humbly.

“Now now young one, no need to be so formal.” Tahu smiled, kneeling down and placing a hand on the child’s shoulder. “Now, what is it you brought me here to see?” Tahu asked as he stood, looking at Narmoto.

“He is just inside, Tahu.” Narmoto said slowly, he and the villager stepping inside, Tahu took a moment to ponder who might be inside. Eventually Tahu stepped inside, slightly tense.

As Tahu entered the outpost, he paused, a strange figure sat upon a tall, squared, cut out stone step that stretched along the wall parallel to the door. This strange visitor’s legs hung over the step, swaying slightly, his black armored boots slightly reflecting the light of the torches, his shins were covered in grey armor, with ornate mechanical carvings, on his thighs sat two large, crimson red armor plates, his chest fitted with a unique, almost triangular silver plate of armor, a red light glowing from the upper center of the chestplate.

His forearms were covered with the same armor as his shins, and his shoulders and upper arms were covered with slimmer versions of the red armor on his thighs. The mask he bore was the same grey as the armor on his shins, the mask itself was much like Tahu’s, but it seemed fuller, it was more rounded and smooth.

“Who are you…?” Tahu questioned, gripping the hilt of his board.

“I was hoping you could tell me that…” The visitor sighed as Tahu looked him over, then turning his attention to Narmoto.

“Our friend here was discovered washed up on the shore, unconscious, he was brought here and I was only informed a day before your return.” Narmoto sighed, crossing his arms.

“Without his memory…?” Tahu asked, a puzzled look upon him.

“Yes.” The protector of fire replied, scratching his chin. “Just like you and the others…” He continued as Tahu’s eyes widened.

“But then, well, I mean…he must be another Toa, right?” Tahu mumbled, gathering his thoughts.

“Wait…I must be a what…?” The visitor spoke wearily as he rubbed his head.

“That could be so.” Narmoto said, looking from Tahu to the visitor, mentally comparing the two. “Tahu, may I suggest something of you?” Narmoto asked.

“Of course.” Tahu replied.

“Why don’t you take our new friend and test his skills, see if he holds a natural connection to fire as you did.” The protector spoke as he walked across the room, kneeling down and opening a chest that sat low on the ground. From it he pulled a sword. It’s blade was a glistening silver, with a serrated, metallic, deep crimson red backing. and a similarly, long metallic red hilt.

Narmoto stood slowly, both his hands supporting the sword as he turned, slowly walking towards the visitor. “This sword belonged to my grandfather, who was also a protector of fire. I want you to take it, in these dark times, you will need a tool to fend off the evil.”

“Thank you…protector.” The visitor replied, bowing his head as he took the sword.

Chapter 4
The Prefect Student

Tahu took in a deep breath, rolling his shoulders, standing straight as he eyed his new disciple, standing a distance from him. The two stood apart from each other, standing on hot, rocky grounds, with a lake of bright, molten lava between them.

Tahu made the first move, leaning forward as he combined his fire blades into his fire board, springing toward the edge of the lava as he threw the board in ahead of him, jumping onto it and speeding to his student as he pulled the gilded blades from behind him.

The memoryless visitor pulled his newly received sword from his back, gripping the hilt as he eyed Tahu carefully, watching his path. In an instant, the visitor braced himself, lunging forward with incredible speed, propelling himself across the lava. His feet were unharmed as he ran, passing by Tahu before he could realize.

The Toa of fire pulled back, his board splashing lava as he turned around, his eyes wide as he looked his “student” over, who was standing atop the lava as if it were solid rock. “How…?” Tahu questioned, gripping the handles of his swords tightly as they became covered in fire. He sped forward, bracing his blades in front of him, the two swords crossing and creating a sort of X. Tahu swung the blades out just before reaching him, a massive blast of flame escaping and colliding into his disciple.

The grey and red armored figure flew back in a blur, smashing into the face of a cliff with tremendous force, an indentation of his form was pressed into the rock, holding him in place. He gave a groan, ripping his arm from the cliff side and using it to pull himself free, causing him to fall a distance before hitting the ground below him. He began to push himself up, standing for a moment until a severe pain began pulsing in his head, he shut his eyes tight, placing his hands over the sides of his mask as he fell to his knees, his head facing to the ground as the pain began to fade.

Tahu raised a brow, surfing over to the land, running over to him and kneeling beside him. “Are you alright?” Tahu asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. His eyes began to open as his head turned to face Tahu.

“I remember…” He muttered, his breathing heavy.

“Remember what?” Tahu questioned.

“My name…” He replied, his eyes drifting down. “My name is…K…Kasai…”

“Well, Kasai, I think that’s enough training for one day.” Tahu responded, pulling Kasai to his feet. “Come, we should return to the village.”

The ground shook as massive feet slammed upon the ground. The eyes and ears of the villagers focused their attention to the tunnel that lead to the surface as a figure emerged from it. his broad shoulders covered by massive silver plates. “Toa Onua!” One of the villagers cheered as the rest joined him.

Onua gave a wide smile, waving to the people as he came to the center of the village, a figure emerging from the crowd. “Toa Onua, is it done? Has Ekimu been awoken?” The protector questioned.

“Yes Korgot, my fellow Toa and I rescued Ekimu and helped him to receive the mask of creation from evil’s grasp.” Onua replied as Korgot greeted him with a bow.

“We are in your debt, Toa.” She said as she looked up at Onua.

“No no, it was my duty, as a Toa.” The massive hero smiled.

“Nevertheless Onua, you are our hero.” Korgot said, a slight smile escaping her. “Oh, I almost forgot, there are two who are very eager to meet you.” She said, motioning for Onua to follow.

“Of course, lead the way.” Onua said, trailing behind the protector, the crowd dispersing as they left.

The two entered short tunnel, as they came out the other end they could see two figures arguing. “I am obviously the more capable to be Toa Onua’s disciple.” The taller of the two boasted, his armor held orange on his thighs, wrists, and back, with grey armor over his shins, and ornamental black plates over that. He held silver on his chest, and black armor plating on his shoulders, the shorter quickly countering.

“Just because you’re taller doesn’t make you more capable, besides, you have an aggressive streak, and you’re far too rebellious.” The villager replied, his armor primarily grey, with energized transparent blue spread throughout his armor. His mask was similar to that of a protector’s, it was grey, fading to transparent blue.

“We’ll leave it to the Toa then!”

“Fine!” The villager’s gaze fell to the tunnel, noticing the massive figure beside Korgot. “T-Toa Onua!” He mumbled.

“What?” The taller figure asked, his long and lanky figure adding to the bestial look of his snake like, silver mask. He turned to face both Korgot and Onua, smirking slightly. “Speak of the devil.”

The villager ran over to them, a smile across his face as he looked up at Onua. “Toa Onua, my name is Takeru.” He said as he extended his hand towards the Toa, Onua taking his hand and shaking it.

“And I am Strider.” The taller figure smirked, placing a hand over the front of Takeru’s mask and shoving him aside. “I do hope you’ll take me as your student.”

“No way!” Takeru shouted, jumping at Strider as he glared at him, giving him a snake like hiss.

“Back off pipsqueak.” Strider sneered as Onua let out a chuckle.

“Don’t fight, I can easily train the both of you.” Onua smiled, Takeru nodding in agreement and then looking up at Strider, who rolled his eyes.

“Ugh…Fine…” He sighed.

Onua nodded, motioning for the two to follow him. He had them stop at a point and walked a distance from them, stopping at a point and turning to face the two. “Now, one at a time, charge at me with everything you have.” Onua commanded, Strider and Takeru sharing a look as Takeru took off, sprinting towards Onua, once he’d gotten close enough, Takeru leaped into the air, clenching his fist as he fell towards the massive Toa. In an instant, Onua’s hand swept aside the little body like a leaf against a powerful gust of wind. He flung through the air and into a distant wall of the cavern, Korgot running over to him and pulling him from the wall.

“Takeru, are you alright?!” She asked, resting the boy on the ground as he groaned.

“Yeah, I’m okay…Just a little shaken up is all…” Takeru replied

Strider smirked as he watched the young boy, turning his attention to Onua as he braced himself, ready to run. Korgot spun around, reaching a hand out towards Strider. “Strider no!” She shouted, though her words were a moment too late, Strider had taken off in Onua’s direction, a shockwave erupting from his prior spot as he instantly slammed into Onua. Time seemed to slow, Strider’s feet landed flat on Onua’s large chestplate as he bent his knees.

Onua was slowly pushed back, a delayed reaction transferred Strider’s momentum to Onua and as soon as he arrived, Onua blast backwards, crashing into the wall, forcing through the solid rock wall, creating a deep tunnel as he finally came to a stop.

Strider landed on the ground, his feet catching him, kicking up a bit of dust as he stood straight, grinning slightly. “Strider!” Korgot shouted, pulling out her dagger. “What did you do?!” She said as a groan came from Onua’s new tunnel. He climbed back out, pulling himself from the hole, standing up and brushing himself off.

“Now that hurt.” Onua smirked, popping his neck and rolling his shoulders. “Now…let me show you the strength of a true, master of earth…” Onua said, focusing his gaze on Strider.

Somebody just ordered a knuckle sandwich, and the delivery man is at the door.