Bionicle Masterpiece

You ever heard of
What if they made a Bionicle version of this?


Hmm, remastered versions of the Toa Mata sounds cool.

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we kinda have that now :tongue:


So large sets of classic characters geared toward an older crowd?

Eh. I'd be indifferent to it. The thing I like about about Bionicle is that to continues to innovate year after year. While it's cool and all that we would get remastered versions of the characters we know and love, it's much more interesting to see revamps and reimaginings by fans and trying your own.

Plus I'm a little fearful how they would handle it. If Toa Mata Nui shows anything it's that a larger scale isn't exactly better.


The 2015 Toa look completely different, so no, we don't.

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I'd want an aesthetic release of the toa Mata. With more detailed masks, posible limbs, and a refined look.



I'd kind of question the purpose of a masterpiece collection with Bionicle. As described on the TF wiki, it implies making the originals with better manufacturing techniques. That said, what's to be made better?

The Mata don't have easily breakable joints or paint to chip... Making a release with modern designs would really just mean the (somewhat)stronger socket parts and maybe gear systems with more friction...

Or, we could end up getting actual remastery kind of things, similar to CallanLof's MOCs from his Mata series.


CCBS G1 Bionicles....yes pls.

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If LEGO really wants to do a Masterpiece-type line for BIONICLE there are many things like


Since the Transformers Masterpiece are bigger than normal Transformers, A Masterpiece could be have many sizes like Toa and other Canister based sets might be the size of Skull Grinder,The Titans could be the size of Witch Doctor, & Matoran and other small sets could be the size of a Canister set.


This is the might be the most importing to any Masterpiece type line with many items to the characters and also mean there many bodies,too.

*Toa Mata (with ALL 12 Masks,Toa Tools,6 Golden Masks,6 Silver Masks, & 1 Infected Miru for Lewa)

*Toa Nuva (with 6 Nuva Masks,Toa Tools,6 Silver Nuva Masks,& 1 Poisoned Hau Nuva for Tahu)

*Takanuva (with Ussinui,Pewku,1 Staff of Light,2 versions of Takua, & 1 Half of the Mask of Twilight)

*Makuta (with Matoran form,Turaga Form,1 Staff of Shadows,Nivawk wings,& 1 Half of the Mask of Twilight)

*Toa Metru (with 6 Great Disks,Their Matoran forms,Toa Tools,Disk of Time, & The Vahi)

*Toa Hordika (with Their Turaga forms,Toa Tools, & The Rusted Vahi)

*Toa Lhikan (with Toa Tool,He's Turaga form,His Helmet,& 6 Toa Stones)

*Toa Hagah (with Toa Tools & their Rahaga forms)

*Toa Inika (with 2 versions of their Matoran forms,Toa Tools, & The Pre-fused Ignika)

*Toa Marhi (with Toa Tools,6 Marhi Nui Matoran, & Hannah Crab)

*AA Toa Nuva (with Toa Tools, 6 Avi-Matoran, 12 different setting Masks, AA Toa Mata version of Tahu)

*Mata Nui (with "Toa Tools",Click,& Silver Version of The Post-fused Ignika)


The first thing I thought of when I read that Wiki page was the Stars. I'm banned from life now

That's what I mean.
@Kaijin_Storyteller That would be perfect.

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LEGO could make millions if they did this, though the main reason i see with Masterpeice transformers is that the people who make them seems to make them more show accurate.

We want Bionicle All Stars, not just them Stars.

Lego would never do this, not now anyway. There just isn't a large enough market for it. If bionicle somehow got as popular as star wars then maybe...

Well then, its LEGOs fault for that now is it. Star Wars has something called the Expanded and Alternate Universes, universes with tons of novels, books, tv shows, movies and games. SW was not as shackled as any LEGO theme was, it freely had the option in writing all kinds of fiction, so long as it was ether going by canon rules or just for fun.

You have to understand that lego is a business. If the market's not there then it's the buyer's fault. They voted with their money and the money says more UCS star wars, advanced technic, and modular buildings.

Well they arent doing a bang up job in marketing Bionicle. Why should it just be a constraction toyline and couple of books and lackluster animations and games, it can be so much more if given the freedom to expand. The market is also not there if you arent willing to make a market for it.

Yeah I agree that's part of it. But it takes money to market the product and that's quite a risk to take when you've already got well-known IPs selling. I still think the only reason bionicle was a success was the free comic books. Ninjago is the new bionicle imo. History has been repeating itself since 2011 when the ninjago show and books started. If bionicle journey to one picks up we may see a bionicle masterpiece in a few years but honestly ninjago has a better chance of getting masterpiece sets. In fact it already has, Airjitsu Temple.

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