Bionicle MOC: Al' Takire - The Lich

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Ordinarily there would be a description or bio here, but I got nothing..

Here's some older versions, just because

Now with 300% more backstory.

“We have been betrayed.”

The plan has succeeded and Teridax had taken over The Great
Spirit’s body.

“We’ve been betrayed.”

Hordes of Rahkshi flowed through the gates of Destral. They
floated ever closer, stretching as far as the eye could see in every direction.
The seas gnashed like hungry maws against the shore and storms crackled with
laughter overhead. It seemed ironic, ever comedic, that the makuta could be overrun
by their own sons.

Tak looked up, he was alone in Destral. All the other Makuta
had already fled or scrambled to the front lines. In his hands he clutched a glowing
mask. It was unlike any we had ever seen, the face gazed with malevolence, its
spikes curved like talons. Adding to the oddity, he found it inside a large
rahi that he happened to be “experimenting” on at the time. Aside from the
beast’s unusual aggression, it displayed a greater abnormal trait. It wouldn’t
die. So Tak had it dissected. In the stomach of the creature was the strange
mask, it seemed to call to h-

Tak was jerked out of thought by an explosion followed by the
sound of chattering and thousands of metal claws charging though the outer
halls. Another explosion. Lightning bolts crashed against the roof
relentlessly. He had little time, he ran into his study and picked up anything
small enough to carry. A notebook, a crystal with unidentifiable runes, the mask. As he ran past a table filled
with long dead experiments, a bolt of lightning crashed through the roof and
landed mere feet away from him. “Teridax is aiming
at me!” Tak thought. Clutching his possessions he ran into the next room,
looking for an escape; but it was too late. The ceiling crumbled and fell around
him and he knew no more.


Someone awoke. He opened his eyes. There was nothing but
black, he was entombed in stone, for years he pushed, shoved, begged and cried.
Until one day, when he pushed nothing pushed back. He stood up, many other
creatures did the same. The nameless figure flinched, they didn’t move. He noticed
that they had been dead for innumerable years. Lacking all traces of skin and flesh,
they were naught but bone and metal. With a cold feel in his stomach, he
realized that the abominations belonged to his. Examining his surroundings, he noted
that he stood in the ruins of a fortress surrounded by a swamp. Walking to the mire
he tried to realized he had no name.

“Maybe something short like ‘Tak’,” he mused. “No, that won’t
do at all.” He looked into the waters, his reflection looked back. His mask had
spikes curved like talons and a face that gazed with malevolence.

He grinned. “My name Is Al’ Takire. I am a lich”


Cool, I love how alien it looks. Also, it kinda reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it.

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that looks really cool.

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I love everything about this moc. This is great, I hope you come up with a bio for him, I'd love to find out more about this guy.

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Overall the build itself is pretty average, nothing too out of the ordinary for a moc. The general aesthetic looks great, the arms and legs are nothing to run home screaming about, and the midsection on the torso where you connect the ccbs body with old hand parts needs some better coverage. But man does that upper torso look good, the armoring is solid, it really looks great especially when paired with the head. The back is meh, get rid of the brain and replace it, it'd look better that way. The color placement is nice too. For the legs, if you ever update this mic besure to kerp the tri joint in the leg, the thighs are just ccbs, not bad just generic, and the lower legs have a nuce overall appearence but drop the ccbs foot for something better, that part doesn't work for armor. Overall this is great, if you clesn it up a bit I'm sure you'll have a brick of gold sitting on yout shelf. Anyway that's about all I've got.

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Is he the Lich King though?

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He looks like the one guy who had a beard made out of tentacles in one of the Pirates of The Caribbean sequels.


Davey Jones

Seriously you forgot him?

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I forgot his name, I haven't seen the film in years, give me a break.

@Stoax @Darknova3529 @matanui606 Thanks :smile:


Thanks man, I really appreciate the critique :smile:


Nah, mon

Apparently, he doesn't fear death

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if you make another version make him look like this

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that's some pretty high standards :tongue:

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I might actually do it
But it would probably turn out black, silver and kinda bland

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This looks great! I love how you combined G1 and CCBS parts! And Stronius' armor suits him very well. The legs look nice, too. Great spread of colour scheme!

You know, this guy would be perfect for a Makuta ... With some interesting backstory ...

Perhaps he was wearing a Mask of Undeath and died at some point, but somehow his Antidermis had a stronger connection to the powers of the mask than an ordinary being would have had, thus his body wasn't merely reanimated to fulfill a certain task, but his whole self now lives in the mask, instead of the body. (You know, something like Mata Nui's spirit in the Ignika)
This would then probably result in him don't being out of Antidermis after that, which in turn would result in him loosing the ability to create Kraata and absorb enemys into his substance. His only remaining Makuta powers would probably also be the ones that afflict the mind or drain power, then, like anger, confusion, fear, hunger, illusion, insect control, mind reading, plant control, Rahi control, silence, sleep, slowness and stasis field.
Perhaps he was killed long ago, his spirit fell into a deep slumber inside the mask, but when Teridax died on Bara Magna and the Great Spirit Robot collapsed on the planet, the death of the Matoran Universe woke Al' Takire and now this undead Makuta roams the remains of the Matoran Universe in the search for ... what? Revenge? A certain artifact?

Just some thoughts of mine ...

Great MOC! You should really consider entering him into the Brotherhood Project :wink:


Ok, I just might :wink:

Well, you know where to tell me if you do :smile:

actually, I have a question about a makuta's legitimacy.

Would he still be accepted into the group if he were an artificial makuta?

Well, I'm not entierly sure what you mean specificly by "artificial", but let's put it that way:

All Makuta were originally created by Mata Nui out of a pool of Antidermis on one of the southern islands in the Matoran Universe.

ok, time to rethink, the back story.

Honestly, me neither..