Bionicle Moc Alicia slave of the dark hunters

Alicia the mutated slave of the dark hunters

She’s supposed to be some kind of defected dark hunter who isn’t trustworthy and would kill anyone anytime and she wants to destroy the brotherhood, order and the Dark hunters, she is inspired by professor Yuals creations

one of them was a revamp I made with my brother sadly it’s all smashed up now :frowning2:


I think that the gold break the color scheme.

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This moc seems very old.
The color seems “ok” on this moc, however the lack of a neck bugs me and the lower body have some odd proportions.
The way the weapon is stored doesn’t look right and I question what is this?: owo

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that’s not how bodies work


until about a week ago I did not own it in any color except gold[quote=“Asriel, post:4, topic:36087, full:true”]
that’s not how bodies work

you are right however I just wanted to show how much articulation she has

And you own the black one?

I only recently obtained it in gunmetal however as of now this moc is not assembled

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Why did you have to zoom in on where the weapons go when they’re not in use. And also why are they on her butt.

As opposed to a regular Dark Hunter who is trustworthy?

I think he means that she’s loyal to the cause, but has her own agenda she works for in secret.

Anyway despite the wonky lower body and off colored mask I do like the general shaping in the torso though it could’ve been executed better.

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I don’t like the mask, and the weapon storage is, uh, no.

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that’s not how human articulation works.

legs should not bend backwards like that, unless they’re going for a digitigraded look.

anyways, that aisde, the hip connection is dreadful, and look extremely flat and awkward. The things and knees don’t fare much better, with it looking like she has sideways knee action (jeez, what is with today and finding sideways articulation that shouldn’t be? oh well, gives me another chance to use this gem.)

(replace elbows with knees)

the lack of a skull detracts from this, as it’s making her head look extremely hollow.
also, PS- Unless the head’s being viewed from a somewhat top-down perspective, don’t flip the mask around to the makuta face side/visorak side. That just makes the head look beyond diminutive.

the torso isn’t faring much better. we have a classic case of rahkshi boobs, this time with a large gap in between that seems unnatural. the metru foot covering the stomach and crotch looks awkward as well.


That, my friend, is the true form of Jaller’s eye doctor.

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yeah I guess I did not know what I was thinking[quote=“Invader_Rose, post:18, topic:36087”]
Why did you have to zoom in on where the weapons go when they’re not in use. And also why are they on her butt.

I do not really know also I hate the weapons too[quote=“Square, post:3, topic:36087”]
The way the weapon is stored doesn’t look right

I really do not like the weapon storage either or the weapon
[ quote=“Invader_Rose, post:18, topic:36087”]
As opposed to a regular Dark Hunter who is trustworthy?

Quick backstory
After a failed assasination attempt on the shadowed one she was exiled however she went rampant, killing matoran and toa in the way, in this mode she turns into her beast like form with he head of a bull, the shadowed one enjoyed her absolute destruction and she returned to the dark hunters with him teaching her one vital lesson, no one overthrows the shadowed one, she is what happens to people who betray the shadowed one, after a long time he was pleased with her so he sent her on a mission to the brotherhood of makuta (Or at least whats left of it), she was ordered on a mission to kill the shadowed one, instead she brought the head of a different dark hunter, the shadowed ones favourite hunter whom which she killed as vengeance upon the shadowed one for imprisoning her, the brotherhood granted her with a krakhan, the shadowed one does not know she killed his favourite warrior but neither the Order of makuta nor the dark hunters know of her secret plan of takeover. She is a villain in my upcoming youtube stop motions, Spartarix.

I’m just saying because it’s not like the Dark Hunters are exactly built on trust or anything.

That’s like, not even relevant.

Yeah that’s called fanfiction.


yeah you are right but in other words she is evil and wants to kill the shadowed one