Bionicle MOC: Arthur

I won’t put his bio here because it involves violence,and if i remember well,it isn’t allowed here,but if you want to read it,go here:

you’re probably all gonna complain about his colorscheme,but he’s supposed to look like that. he made himself this armor using anything he could find.

so,He has a water bottle,three little boxes,mostly containing food and stuff like that,he also has an old 3DS,and a bunch of random stuff.

more pictures:



@RaptorTalon19 Thanks!

Well thats probably the beat moc you made to date! I dig the look and all!
Cough looks at the gun cough

Too much Chappie?

Thanks alot c:

No actually this was inspired by the book ‘‘las man standing: killbook of a bounty hunter’’
even thought i never got it X(
But chappie is just as cool.

I guess you can say he’s got two chanz? Nice job BTW. Impressive as usual.

By too much chappie i mean… Yellow Gun… which is assault rifle

@helryx Thanks!

@Creep Ah. Okay. actually i didn’t remember Ninja’s gun was yellow x)


You’re MOC’s have alot of character and this steps it up a level. :+1:

@StudentScissorsLeaker Thanks alot,man. c:

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Nice moc! I’m not sure how I feel personally about the use of blended system and constraction parts to such a degree, but it seems rather well executed.

I don’t know what you mean by violence not being allowed. These are Bionicles. There’s canon story easily as dark and more violent than that.

@Garnira Thanks! c:

Eh. okay. i wasn’t sure. :s

colourscheme seems all over the place (yellow gun, orange, I even see pink, red too, and elastic bands[?] to hold up a skull spider)

@Pot8o it’s supposed to be c:

can you at least remove the pink



I’ve said it before, but character doesn’t make up for cons. And the color scheme is atrocious. The crotch extends too far, and the arms are really basic and gappy. There’s also the story and name. Real world and Bionicle don’t mix.

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Breaks the story for me. It’s just a personal issue I have with the MOC.


Maybe I just don’t like it. Stop arguing with my critiques. They are my opinions on MOCs. They are not your opinions nor are they trying to be. Stop trying to force your opinions on me

I never said it was factual. In fact I said it was a personal preference. I’m done arguing with you

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