Bionicle MOC: Del Imorta

Hey guys, here's another MOC. She took a while to make, but I'm quite satisfied. Tell me what you think smiley


looks funny...

The Head, Wings and the shoulders are the weirdest for me

otherwise alright

I really like it, all the different textures make it have nice finish IMO.

Ah, I was kind of going for some kind of mix between a flight suit and typical bionicle armor. but yeah, the shoulders are a little odd stuck_out_tongue

@tak210 Thanks man


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I like it! Looks like it was made out of a fighter plane.

I find this moc to be, unsettling,
something about it just creeps me out.

@8BitArt @Payinku

Cool, it was meant to be 2 spooky... and metalic smiley, after all, it is.... A HOMUNCULUS open_mouth

It looks weird, but good...
10 outta ten