Bionicle MOC: Desert Baras

In the deserts of Okoto there lives a species of reptiles that re-hydrate through drinking the water out of cacti using their claw like hand to carve a hole into it then drinking it using it's tongue. The hunchback like looks suggests that the species stores the water and portioning it until a refill is needed. The species is usually docile and prefers to avoid the villagers but it is a territorial creature and can charge at those who trespass. These reptilian are also omnivores eating anything they can find in the desert.

This MOC is based on an older MOC that I made for the Bara Magna era called Baras Raptor, and since I already dubbed this year the year of rebirth thought I give the Baras a revamp. I personally like the head, I planned to add teeth but didn't work out in the end.


Toes look a bit awkward, but the rest is fine. Love that frill that he's got, but they should be more colourful like the real life frill lizards.

But that would clash with the general color scheme

@ThePinkUnicornMovement I thought Macku/03 Matoran in general felt a little too small for later on size comparisons so I thought for not too big MOCs I'll use something that's a bit more bigger in size

@JMP I checked out the MOC you referred to and I can see those slight similarities

@Calvatron I'm a little limited on smaller armor pieces (I have way too many Inika/Nuva armor) but when I can figure out something I'll reconstruct the arms a bit

The colour scheme is already pretty bland, with the usual black, grey and silver. Need a highlighting feature, a colour accent to spice things up.


Very neat lizard.

@Ekorak, your brethren have been created.


Love the mane and the shaping of the head! The toes are a tad awkward, and as mentioned before, the color scheme doesn't really pop, but again, the mane/spiked frills really steal the show.



... frilled/horny lizard?

also he looks like a black Visorak from far.... idk why, but dat face. It also looks like Ek's cousin/uncle 9 times removed

You've got some great ideas here. The head looks fantastic. Definitely in my top ten custom heads. The body and feet are really cool too. What really ruins the MOC for me are the arms and the legs. They're just so basic it clashes violently with the complexity of the rest of the MOC. There's also the hands, which don't really work with what the MOC is meant to be.

EDIT: this thing reminds me of the Skirmix from 2009. And that is a very good thing.

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Nice. Also, what happened to macku?