Bionicle MOC: General Blaze & His Lava Glider

I found these two digging through some old boxes, so pardon the dust on them. This was my very first Inika-build MOC. This vehicle was specifically built to match his build and armor, so almost none of my other MOCs can fit in it unfortunately.


he and his behicle look like flames

That’s all I have

Thanks, well I don’t really remember what I was going for with this moc, but I’m pretty sure your right about the flames for a design

Is- Is that an orange Bohrok faceplate?


yes, why?

where did you obtain such a thing?


Let me check, I think it was from one of the 2008 vehicles

nope it was from Furno’s Bike, it was a herofactory set.

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Wowzers! My only complaint is the helmet, but that’s just a nitpick that boils down to personal preference.

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The figure just kinda looks okay, but dayum does that vehicle look fine.

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The humanoid is generic
but the vehicle

do generals really drive breadboxes


General blaze looks pretty simple, but cool. and I love the lava glider, very cool.

The figure’s a bit generic, but the vehicle isn’t (I mean this in a good way). :wink: