Bionicle MOC: Gunthrax, The Beast

This will probably be my last MOC- I introduce to you, Gunthrax- The Beast.

For more pictures, you can go to My G+ Page Here
I don’t really have much of a bio for this MOC- so no interesting stories or anything like that, let me know what you all think about him though!

EDIT: I got around to making a MOC video of this guy- more or less the same images and then some in this video but if you’re interested, the video is here to view:



Awesome work, both on the MOC and with the photography! The build is kinda old fashioned, but well proportioned (for an inhuman monster) :o

Looks Pretty Boss and menacing, but why is this “probably” your last moc?

Just life is getting in the way. I’m getting my own place soon so just won’t have the time nor money to MOC like I used to sadly.

Just like any mainly black moc it’s a little hard to see, but from what I can see it looks alright.

Neat stuff!

This is pretty great.

Very cool, I love the head design and the way the black gradually transitions into lime near the arms with the help of those Gorast feet.

Great MoC. Great picture of said MoC.The only thing I can complain about is the 01 hands (Is that what they’re caled?) having open sockets, but eh.

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This looks great! It actually looks like it could be sold as a set!

There are some places it could improve. The open balljoints and blue pins are probably the biggest issue.

The MOC’s build looks really good, but the thighs look a bit too small for the rest of the MOC.

Are you staying on the boards?

Pretty groovy MOC man. The only problem I have with it, are those open sockets on the feet.

Just when I release videos or if I do get around to making another MOC again, yeah.

oh :frowning:

Looks really nice! Looks like something that I would not want to get into a fight with!