Bionicle MOC: Hesbrix, Makuta of the Rahi

While the Makuta were filling the Matoran Universe with Rahi, Hesbrix noticed that his brothers would abandon the creatures after their creation. Most species would go extinct within the first few decades of their creation. Hesbrix saw most of these creatures go because of natural selection, but some were completely wiped out because of careless mutations. Hesbrix saw no one do this more than Mutran, and he despised Mutran because of this. Hesbrix became more distant from the Rahi after the Makuta evolution. Upon realizing this Hesbrix left the Brotherhood, and devoted his life to the preservation of Rahi. Hesbrix wore the Kanohi Faxon, but when he left the Brotherhood the switched to the Volitak.

Miserix didn't see Hesbrix's abandonment as a threat. He let Hesbrix live, but Miserix did officially exile Hesbrix from the Brotherhood.

Hesbrix helped create the Archives by giving the Matoran information and catching some of the more dangerous Rahi. Because of this, Hesbrix formed a liking to Onu-Matorans, he found their love for Rahi admirable. He aided in the creation of the Archives not only to give future generation factual information on Rahi, but also in case the Brotherhood went out of control with mutation there would still be some pure DNA to continue the many species.

After hearing about what Teridax had done to end the Matoran Civil War, Hesbrix raced to Destral. When Hesbrix arrived he asked Miserix what is to be done about Teridax. Miserix responded with, "I have taken measures to prevent future wars. Now let me tell you what you are going to do. You are going to turn around, run away, and never show your face to me again. And if I even think about you, I will find you, tare you into pieces, and feed you to my Visorak." It was then Hesbrix found out how far the Brotherhood had fallen.


That backstory is amazing, but the MOC mediocre at best. I like the royal warlord look as well as the custom torso, but the limbs are a bit too simplistic. The colours also seem mismatched...try removing the gunmetal and try adding some more silver or red, specifically on the torso.


I like it. It's simple, sure, but thats not a bad thing. I would say either add a bit more gunmetal or replace it with red or black. 7/10

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Thanks for the advice. I changed some shells around and added some new ones. I think this flows a lot better, and it gives him some bulk.

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yey Volitak

Orange looks weird w/ the lighting, pretty bland, but colors work.

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Thanks, but it's not orange it's red. Sorry my lighting is terrible.


This is pretty good for how simple it is.

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Simplicity is my specialty.

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He is pretty alright, but I think he needs more bulk and stuff.

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THIS IS THTE REASON I HATE ANIMALS!!!! Just kidding but Mutran is my fav makuta so this guy must be exterminated 🤖 But his a great MOC good job!😁

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Simply put, he works.

Of course Hesbrix could use some more ... stuff around him. Bigger, more detailed, you know. Otherwise there's not much to say about him, he isn't incredibly good, but also not bad at all.

For the Brotherhood project, you should however add two things:

  • the general information about the Makuta:

Name: Hesbrix
Assigned region: none
Kanohi: Volitak
Status: ...

  • yeah, his status. I really, really like the story of him, but to fit into the Brotherhood project he either needs to be killed at some point, or be no Makuta anymore (meaning he can't create Kraata, lost most of his powers, is organic and doesn't see himself as a Makuta any longer)

Anyways, thanks for participating!

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Updated him a little.

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Dude just lacks a sort of pop.

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