Bionicle MOC: Kogrek

Ancient Tamish warrior who was tasked to protect an asar tower his species discovered long ago.. he was frozen in a cryopod inside the tower,and woke up thousands of year later,corrupted,confused..
he was insane.
Kogrek will now kill everything that tries to find the towers.. even members of his own species.

more pictures:

Original idea+name belong to 0-0master from deviantart


I always enjoy seeing HF cores used for something else stuck_out_tongue

@Leoxandar Agreed. those kinds of cores are so usefull to do stuff like that
I agree. i'll make him a sword eventually

@Creep i know :s

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He looks nice. The weapons could use upgrading though.

"I will kill ya with my food untensils!" ~Kogrek

Jokes aside, as per all of your latest mocs, those legs look FLAT :S