Bionicle MOC: L3-N5(LeNZ)

Hey everyone--Alex here with a very recent MOC. He's a small little steampunk bot. Enjoy--full description from TAPP website can be found after the pictures, for those of you who don't like reading all too much.


Alright. This guy has been out on YT and IG for a while, and I suppose it's about time for me to stop being lazy and post this MOC on G+.

My inspiration here came from something parallel to Fallout here. This guy is essentially a beat-up robot from an American 60's-esque society. Thus, being from this older time period and from a corresponding less advanced age or robotics, he isn't as physically capable as other characters.

That being said, this guy is here for his charm. He's really quite spiffy. I thought that giving him this sort of "traveling jukebox" psyche would add a little spunk that can't be replicated in another way. As he is from an older time period, he always carries around a record player and various LPs on his back. His favorites are Phill Collins, Frankie Valli, The Shirelles, and the Supremes(look all of them up for great music, BTW). Honestly, the parallels to Fallout were only drawn for me AFTER the conception of this idea. I just really, really like 60's music and lacked a character that represented that aspect of my own personality. So there you have it, the inspiration for his quirky personality.

As for the build and MOC concept, it came way back from a MOC I made around 2007 with the name simply being "Lens". The idea was quite a bit different back then, with Lens being essentially one of my first "titan-sized" MOCs. He was a lumbering, three-headed killing backing. I thought back to that all-chrome MOC, (which was, incidentally, one of my favorites)and decided to remake him. Instead of being a titan MOC, however, the new guy is rather short. This is because of my whole steampunk thing that I acquired since then. I decided to incorporate Pohatu's sand-brown(I never got the Gukko Bird, nor did I get Pewku) in order to give off a steampunk feel, an aesthetic choice that I think worked out for the better. He went from having three heads to one, but let me explain. The head design you see here was close to the exact same as the old design, and the new thing I was going to try was putting eyes on the palms of his hands. As you can see, it didn't work out due to a lack of eye pieces, but I kept the general hand design the same...but with chain guns. The original Lens also had guns, but much more simplified versions(I was little, guys)that I adapted into these more advanced chain guns.

In conclusion, L3-N5 is exactly what I wanted him to be. He is a more complex, sturdy, and lovable version of one of my first decent MOCs, complete with characterization in his own right. I am proud of how all the little details turned out, down to the extra small appendages and the jukebox on his back. I hope you also enjoyed hearing the history of this little bot as much as I enjoyed telling it.



This MOC looks friggin amazing,i love it.



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Very very well designed and greebled just right.

This is a good MOC, great job.

This MOC is

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This is very good. It looks and feels steam punk. I love the head and the machine gun hands are awesome. would have been cool to see a smoke stack coming out though. Overall very good. :smile:

I like how his lower legs look like boomboxes.

I love how clunky and heavy it feels, probably since you angled most of the armor with the bulkiest sides facing down, giving it a sense of weight even when i'm not physically touching it.

he looks pretty nice, colors go really well together

Thank you! Also, thanks for moving the topic. Forgot that a "Lego Creations" thing was there XD

Thanks :smiley:

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Looks nice, neat techniques used all around. Although it almost seems like more of a System MOC than a Bionicle MOC.

First off this moc is absolutely amazing. The head is amazing, the weapons outstanding, the body design complex yet great, the legs and arms are unique. I love your use of just regular Lego pieces in this moc. The color scheme is pretty much flawless, poseability looks great.

Overall I can't find anything wrong with it at all. Honestly, you get a 10/10.

Love the amount of detail and the overall clunky/heavy feel.

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@APStudios I do really love the hordika heads on the arms 9/10

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This MOC is pretty cool. I like what what you did with the torso the theme of the Hordika Armor.

This earns a :wrench:/10 from me :slight_smile:

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Oh... ooops

This is very creative!

Custom head is meh, too much grey for my tastes. Otherwise, 8/10.


looks cool.