Bionicle MOC: Leku


The village of stone is often attacked by the many dangerous creatures that live in the desert. Leku is the general of a special force that protects the village.

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Oh. i'll try to fix it.

I like how sleek he is! The wrists seem a bit thin, but overall, very nice!

Very nice job!

thanks guys!
yeah,i'd fix that if i had tires to do so :L

Nice MOC, I like the concept behind his character, too. He kinda reminds me of Chrom, with the sword and armor he's got goin' on.

I love the sword, it feels like it fits the character

who's Chrom?

This guy is Chrom. He's one of the main cast in Fire Emblem Awakening.


Best out of all IMO

Verdict: 10/10