Bionicle MOC: Naha'saar the Corrupt

Deep in the jungles of Okoto there is one dark corner everyone avoids, rumors say the plants there whisper in many voices and intoxicating scent fills the air as you get closer and closer. The few that could escape the call of the voices told the tale of a strange plant like creature, the name of which they did not know. It is told that if you get close to this plant all the other voices seize and only one remains, a gentle female voice, wanting you to come close so she can see you, but by that time you are doomed as the plant has grabbed it's victim with all of it's tendrils and vines, covering it in strange spores that corrupt the mind and the body. Shortly after the victim inhales the spores it'll either become a mindless slave of the plant and simply gives it's life to the creature or becomes twisted, a horrific monster, that tries to escape as the last living memory of it's former self. But they rarely get far enough. So far there were less than a handful who could fight the seducing plant being's corruption, but it mattered not as the spores also act as a poison to the body and eventually kill the one infested by the spores. Some rumors say that the plant creature is expanding her realm, using the fallen bodies of those who tried to defy her as the source of food. Though many doubt that part is true never the less nobody dares to go there and see for himself.

(This was) My entry for the Battle for the Gold Mask Competition
I was thinking lets give this island a villain they really don't want around =P though to be honest this MOC originally started off as something totally different, well just the head to be correct as that would've been it's on MOC but it didn't work out and only kept the head for later use, and what did you know? It did come in handy. I did my best to make it look like a vine and tendril covered big plant as best as I could.


Wow. Another mushroom inspred Moc....nice job, but it doesn't look as organic as it should.

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What do you mean mushroom inspired? This is supposed to be a vine based sentient plant, and what would make it "more organic"?

@Marendex_T17 Where's Godzilla's Nuclear Breath when you need it...

@Leoxandar looks left then right No... grabs Leo with tentacles and eats him

...looks like a spiky bush creature...

....reminds me of something tho

I think it captures a swamp look well, as moss can range from black to green. It's like giant kudzu.

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Biollante? Is that you?
All jokes aside, this is a great MOC.


Karzahni? Is that you? stuck_out_tongue

Wow this is incredibly cluttered, inorganic, and uninteresting,

Seriously, it may be harsh, but it's just kinda

I dunno, there. It's just a block of green over textured pieces with some green arm things.

Not a fan.

No offense intended, though.