Bionicle MOC: Naria

The wise and friendly warrior that protects the village of water

more pictures:


Aww, what a Chubby legs ;n;

what about those chubby legs? c:

Looks pretty nice. Has a nice feminine look with the thinner arms and wider hips, yet accomplishes this without making her look too thin or too fat. Not to mention it uses a nice mixture of CCBS and technic.

thank you!

Also, a bit plus for using 2015 BIONICLE pieces. (as well as not using many of the typical pieces for making a female MOC)

yay c:

Chubby, all I need to say blush

Alright :7

Hey look it's Gali's little sister

Pulls off femininity quite well
Consistent colour scheme
Opposable fingers are always a nice touch
Compact and clean custom bosy is great

Upper arms are axle sticks. Either make it a length shorter, or give her 4 or 3 long armor to her lower arms
Slizer foot crotch sticks out a wee bit too much
No "wow" factor (simplicity is great, but there's something missing that I can't put my finger on...)

Verdict 8.5/10


thank you!

[custom bosy xD]

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