Bionicle MOC: Pinerus the Vengeful

(pronounced pie-NAIR-iss)

As Christmas was getting closer and closer everyone started to prepare for the big shopping sprees that are soon to come, trees were cut down so they could be sold as Christmas trees. After a few was cut down and got transferred to it's destination, one was sticking out of the bunch, it was smaller than the rest and also had way too much of it's spiky leaves lost, so it wasn't a tree that worth selling. There for it was taken to the nearest lumberyard, perhaps it can become something useful there. But the lumberyard was already having too much wood to work with and so the little pine tree was sent to the junkyard to rot. It was resting in the garbage for a few days and nights until something odd has happened to it. The little pine tree started to grow, became aware of himself and kept evolving, sprouting two massive arms that he can walk on, one big green eye with a dangerous glow, and a huge mouth with huge fangs and teeth too many to count. This monstrous tree let out a hellish roar once it's transformation was complete and looked around confused, why has this happened to him, did he not suffer enough already? His big green eye soon noticed a container that seemed to have been leaking for quite some time and it looked like that the tree's last dying roots sucked up some of this strange liquid. Though he could not read what the label said, he started to think of this as more of a blessing than a curse. But soon after that something came to his newly grown mind, it's kin was continuously cut down year after year for a specific day, that realization made him very angry, starting to fill the tree creature with hatred. Pure hatred towards one being specifically, the one they called "Santa Claus" as he was the reason it's fellow brethren were cut down and taken into homes then given shiny objects as a glorified symbol of the holiday. His anger had no limit at this point and began his rampage on the small town it was in currently. People were horrified seeing such monster on the loose, as it only seem to destroy their Christmas decorations and especially the ones that looked like Santa. But there was another thing the rampaging tree had found out about his new body, he can give life to the dead trees that were cut down and decorated, causing them to get just as twisted as he was and spread chaos even more. These "saplings" were it's new kin and made sure that no more trees were cut down as a sacrifice for the big red clothed tyrant. Soon the tree gave itself a name, settling with Pinerus, latin for pine tree. Where did he get the idea? Perhaps the growing numbers increased it's mental capacity allowing Pinerus to actually understand humans and their language both written and spoken. Pinerus and the army of twisted trees are now marching from city to city, town to town, "liberating" more of their fellow trees, and making sure that every last praising object for Santa Claus is destroyed. Their numbers grew at an alarming pace as they were lead by Pinerus towards the known location of the red clothed tyrant, the North Pole. Pinerus planned to have vengeance on him for the countless trees that were "killed" in his name.

This lovely MOC is was my entry for the BionicleMOCersLeague's (DA group) Christmas themed contest. Now originally the base of this MOC started off as my 2nd entry for the Golden mask contest, but due to lack of inspiration/time and such that didn't work out so the built parts I had were laying around for a few days then came this contest and thought, perhaps this is where I can put them to use, and I did as it seems =P Though had a bit different image in my had for the final product but it still turned out good.

And his minions:

Pine buzzer

As the spreading rampage and chaos continued on started by the giant monstrous tree creature calling himself Pinerus has reanimated many of the cut down trees, most of which just became similar to him, though there have been reported cases of other creatures, possible mutations that caused by an unknown reason. One of these mutations were a near human sized insectoid that was soon referred to as a Pine buzzer. This "beetle" was able to spread spores from it's body that had varied effects, the most common being toxic and lethal for humans. Other than that there were reports of dried up corpses of animals and citizens as they were possibly sucked dry of their fluids by these over-sized insects.


*So far this mutation is the most vicious of them all, the creature came to be after a cut down giant tree's lower part tried to regenerate itself, turning into this. Once their hive-mind and their leader received this information some were sent to transform the tree stomps in those forests where his brethren were cut down, increasing their numbers even further. Though these are just a big mouth on legs their threat is not any less than the rest, as they're fast an agile giving only a small window to neutralize it. Reports came in saying that the tip of the spear of Pinerus' horde reached the North Pole, satellite images show that this green menace is soon to engage in combat yet again but with forces unknown as no military claims they sent forces up to the pole, nor we could get a response on any radio channels. *

(small spoiler, I won the contest stuck_out_tongue )


flushed dem teeth


bit too early/late for christmas...

otherwise terrifying and good mocs


Isn't this the one that was originally called Pineus? It is a pretty original design.

These terrify me. Please delete this topic stuck_out_tongue

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The name was Pinus, google translate probably trolled me at that point when I was naming the MOC

@JMP I'm aware of that, but could I still post this for this year's Christmas contest when it'll be announced of course

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