Bionicle MOC: Poltsprit, the mask hunter

This is my first "Good" MOC and the first MOC that i have uploaded to the internet, so don`t expect this to be perfect, i have still have to learn more about MOC building.
I hope this is not ugly!


That's pretty good for someone who's not that exsperianced with mocs.

has an odd head, bizarre shapes, weird weapon, and I think the inclusion of trans-purple is unnecessary

The overall profile of this guy reminds me of a silver Umarak.


As @Xevins said, it looks like a silver Umarak.
Overall it's a pretty good MOC for someone who has started not a long ago. The bow is very cool as well as the arms.
However the trans purple skull torso is very out of place: you should remove it or add more of it. The head is also weird: I think if you remove those barraki eye pieces and put two trans-colored robot hands on the sides of the Metru torso this guy will become really cool.

I like some of the complexity, but it's messy. It took a second for me to process what exactly I was looking at.

It's an alright start, trans purple looks a little out of place though

The head design on this is pretty creative!

The rest of the MOC is pretty cool too by the way =p

really nice moc !

and im really liking the weapon in the first picture !

I like it better than a lot of other "titan-size" MOCs I've seen simply by virtue of the fact that it's not extremely bland.

My advice would be for you to start smaller, MOCs of this size are difficult to pull off. Also be conscious of your color choices. The bits of different colors on him are better than being just plain black and silver, but if all those bits were one color (say, trans-orange) it would look a bit more cohesive.

Thank you for the feedback. I will make second MOC, and i hope it will be better than this!

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For a start this is pretty great. The head and chest are my favorite parts. My suggestions would be to make the build and bow less messy, and either removing the trans-purple or adding more of it.