Bionicle Moc prototype villan, skull assasin of Poison


Now I want to point out that when I made this moc I used to call him and his team for the skull lords but then the skull warriors and so on came out.
Second thing I want to point out is that I where meent to have 2 more mocs here but for some resun I could not find the photo’s of them and so I have to use the only one that avalible Finally sorry for the mess this photo was taken about 1 year ago now.

Will put up backstory and name

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I mean that’s fine, but why don’t you show pictures of what it looks like now assuming it’s still built?

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Custom Torso?

then please upload his current form

I plan on doing so but dont have the time to take photo’s so I thought why not upload the prototype first, also
Also I where not planning to only show this prototype but 3 others as well in this post sadly it seems that the photo’s of the other 3 has been delited, because I could not seem to find them,
oh and now when I think about it this was never meent to be uploaded I wrote the post, and then I desided not to post it but forgot about it yesterday when I got home and logged in, the post was still there done and ready to be posted so I just whent for it.

P.S I also have other prototype forms like the Toa and Warriors (Warriors = Protectors)

The photos are kinda blurry but it looks nice

yeah sorry about that.
But I’m done taking the photo’s of the upgraded version and will be posting it tomorow.