Bionicle MOC: Ronon - Swag Meister's selfmoc

Hey @SwagMeister , I got your selfMOC built :smiley: Just one problem I only have one set of the Ackar ankle armor and i was already using it srry anyway, here it is

Well I hope it’s not to bad :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what’s FUNNY
I made a selfmoc of @SwagMeister Original Avatar
and then he Changed it :cry:


Wow… what a jerk…


but really, that is kinda awkward :tongue:


The body looks small but the legs look like KIm K

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well… yes, yes they do :confused:

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Looks good :open_mouth:

Thanks :smiley:

EDIT: Main post edited for forgetting a picture…

Hi yes am I late no yes hey

-Like the trans orange hands
-I like the bulkiness of the legs but the claws are weird.
-Flip the thighs
-Torso CCBS piece should be in red (not the breastplate, I like it)
-Neat fire trident.

Overall, A.

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OH NOOOOES :open_mouth:




I like this, it’s pretty cool looking, good job. :smile:

I forgot a few things:

-The Moc’s name should be keliku
-remove the black CCBS shells

Here’s the head:

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Ok I’ll try to have the post updated tomorrow :smiley:

[quote=“SwagMeister, post:11, topic:13979”]
Here’s the head:
[/quote] I built the head with one of my spare ankle pieces and it looks terrible on the MOC srry I tried :crying_cat_face:

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Swerg Meester (@Swag-O-Lantern), I decided to build the head you showed today…
It has no eyes…

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Yes it does Plural
it’s the blue pin
It’s called reverse Eljay syndrome

That means you only have one eye.

Yeah, I know…
I should really make a 3d printed mask sometime soon…

this explains a lot…