Bionicle MOC: Skyru

A toa of Shadow who's village got attacked,and he was unable to defend from the threat. the village was destroyed and everyone were killed. his mask/kanohi was broken in half during the battle,so the attackers left him to die,alone.but he managed to find some kind of helmet in the ruins of the village,which let him live,however he has no longer control over his element.
he now wanders the island,without any objective in life,thinking he failed to his mission,that he let his whole village die,that it was all his fault.

more pictures:…

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anyway here you go:


This is looking pretty sweet (except for the green waist.)


@Hawkflight thanks! (hisss)

@Rockho thanks! i don't have any black waists. i never did.

@helryx thank you very much!

@StudentScissorsLeaker thanks c:

@Middlefingerstudios thanks!

Very dark and mysterious looking. But what's with all the green waists on your Mocs? Did you run out of black ones, like your ball joints?

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This is one of my favorite mocs that you've made. He is awesome! I like the head. But that story though sob smile

Coolio I like the combination of the visor and the hood.

Bad Link.

@TFM101 Again?

just wait a moment,i'll add another link

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Nuva Chest Armor used a chest armor (it's only use.). +20
Looks quite epic. Worth 2 Coolios, or +20.
Looks like a titan. +20
The hood looks very hood-like. +5

No manly blue nipples. -5 (jk, not included in count)
No Obligatory Nyran Shot. -10
Visible Blue Pins. -5


Verdict: 50. You are among legendary MOCists. (WARNING: Opinion not professional.)


quarian? /s


nah q:

thank you very much! c:
i'l try to include blue nipples next time xD (Jk)

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Double post; fix it.

Double post is kinda okay in MOC topics and RPs only.

looks cool, he looks like a quarian from Mass Effect

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Double post is only okay in MOC topics if it's an update of some sort if I remember correctly :/
As for the MOC itself, I really like how you used the visor piece!