Bionicle MOC: The Scorphound

This is my first MOC in a while. The Scorphound is basically just a Rahi of my own creation, and is probably my best MOC thus far. Unfortunately, like most of my creations, it suffers from the skinny limbs and bulky body. However, this MOC has a reason for it. It’s partially based off a hound, and as you know, hounds do not have thick limbs. Any feedback and/or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


Very unique and creative bug head! Proportions are very alien-like!

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I find some of the proportioning funny, but generally it’s weirdly likeable. It is a Scorpion-hound hybrid right?

The mismatched feet are a 'lil bit off, I dunno I like it, I’d be interested in seeing anything else you make…