Bionicle MOC: The Scrapper

Haven’t posted a MOC here in a long time, thought this was a good one to share.

After the reformation of Spherus Magna, a stray Bohrok Va found itself amid the junkyards and ruins of past villages that once belonged to the Skrall and Iron Tribe. Having no other purpose, this Va found it could reconstruct itself using armor and weapons from the ruins. The result was a hulking mech, armed to the teeth and with no purpose or goal in its existence. It wanders Spherus Magna, mortally afraid of the Toa that had trapped the Queens ages ago, only known by a name given to it by Berix: The Scrapper.

(sideways images, sorry)
This MOC was inspired by a technic set that i got only as a parts pack. Couple of things I want to point out: The faceshield opens up and the Krana is on a Mata head that is connected via ball joint, so yes, it can move around. Also, I’ll be reworking the legs and making slight adjustments to the chainsaw very soon. Any ideas to improve the legs are appreciated.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hate mail?


0/10, not the constructicon
This is a pretty unique moc, I like it, though the right arm(his left) looks shriveled

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This thing looks super messy and ugly in the best way possible, it really is deserving of the name “The Scrapper”, great job.

@Mr.Monopoly is this your RP character?

A big mess, the upper feet look to small comparing with the lower feet. His weapon hand is a big mess and I feel that blue doesn’t feet in this MOC


I love this messy boy! Very unique, love the Krana integration and the overall use of pieces. Good work!

No, though coincidentally it has the same name and even an orange and black colour scheme.

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This MOC is very, very messy… but it has a lot of potential. I think most of the body, especially the face/chest area looks good, but the rest of it is a bit disjointed. I would also recommend improving your photography setup; it does wonders for MOCs.


This thing is awesome. No doubts about it. Every part of this moc just radiates awesomeness. A walking engine of destruction and mayhem.

Super fighting Borok! Scraper Man!

Awesome! Besides those stick thighs