Bionicle Moc: The Watcher

This is my first and favourite Moc using G1 bionicle parts. Before then I had been building with CCBS turning only to bionicle parts for heads and weapons. He is also my tallest bionicle or HF moc to date. He is sort of my bionicle self moc as well because my old one was HF and this guy is a more accurate representation of me, but he was not built intending to be a self moc. Please feel free to give constructive criticism.

Backstory: the watcher is an ancient warrior from a forgotten war built only to kill. Hundreds of years later he was dug up and re-activated and restored by a mysterious group. The code name of his restoration was "The Owl Project". He was then sent to Okoto to find Tahu and return him to his "creators". Little is known about him as he never shows any emotions and rarely speaks in his monotone robotic voice, only watches. The people of Okoto rarely see him and think he is a ghost.

Here is the Moc:

With blades extended

Back view

With flick missiles exposed! Also you can store his poison gas grenades in chest


  • Teleportation which he gets from the core on his chest.
  • He can generate a weak force field over his body which will stop him from taking damage from most attacks (if you can catch him).
  • his mask stops him from showing up on any radars or trackers.

A very good color scheme and build. I can see that a lot of thought and work went into this. I can't really think of any suggestions for improvements. Keep up the good work in future MOC's!

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hey look its @eljay you know because of the mask "wink wink" "nudge nudge"

but seriously its a nice moc with a sweet build and good techniques

It has a lot of potential but it just seems really unneedly stretched out confused
I would recommend making him less long.

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Torso is baller

Legs are either too long or too thin

Arms are good, especially the hands

Feet are waaay too small

overall I give it 7/10


Nice mawk! The rusty color scheme really brings out the ancient warrior look. Although the legs are a bit too spindly for my tastes. GJ!

And if you're not watchin' The Watcher
Than you'd best have an excuse
'Cause the Watcher, yeah he's always watchin' you stuck_out_tongue


Pretty cool! I like the upper half of his torso especially. The arms are decent too.

Not sure how I feel about the legs and abdomen, however. They seem... Stretched out.


Banned for Bayformers! Wait, wrong topic stuck_out_tongue


Why does no one realize the Miru is a dumb mask?
/s kinda

Thankyou @Garnira. I'm glad someone got the reference. His guy did definetly take a lot of inspiration (build and story) from AOE lockdown. Thanks for the constructive criticims as well

Every one is talking 'bout them legs and making them longer, however, if you made the arms longer it could work...

His legs look a little, flat, but not bad! And to paraphrase Mr. @Nyran: "Only true ballers use the 8 long shells"


Interesting "concept"

It's a good MOC, but he seems a little OP to me. But that's just my opinion.

He's meant to be OP but I think I went a bit too far with his abilities- especially the force field

looks pretty cool

I forgot to show a size comparison so here it is. The Watcher compared with Tahu and a custom fire villager which is the same height as the protector of fire.


I would find a way to nerf the force field. You could have it take a certain amount of attacks before it has to recharge.

Good idea @ChaoticTempleKnight! That's what the force field does now. Thanks