Bionicle MOC: Toa of Jungle Slolu

Continuing the discussion from Bionicle moc WIP: Toa of Air Slolu:

Well I have change this Character quite a bit. It is now a female Toa of Jungle. I wanted to make her knight like and stuff. Did I succeed in that?

Anyways she was a normal Jungle villager but got lost in the earth region, and was raised by earth Villagers. because of this she isn’t like other Jungle toa.

She is more formal and wiser then most of the more care free and wild jungle villagers.

I am still working on her back a little.

Well let me know what you guys think.


I like it!

Especially the shield build!

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I really like the weapons. Not sure about anything else yet though.

looks pretty cool, but a bit too much like Lewa


Too much Lewa. The legs look too bulky in comparison to the body and arms IMO

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Eh, not a fan. Feels a bit like a glorified Lewa.

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It’s Lewa with a lovely shield, but that’s it. It isn’t anything special.

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I like the weapon

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