Bionicle MOC: Toothy shadow

dark figure sighted several times on Okoto. mysterious dissapearances happenned since the first time it has been seen.

so my brother just got LoSS and it gave me the idea to build a spider thing,so i started a head and body,but it didn't look spider-ish enough so i made this instead.

more pictures here:


Coolio. Although the exposed baljoints and studs aren't great...

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Well, it certainly has the right name.

Nice MOC by the way.


Wow...that is probably the most unique and creepiest Moc i've seen in a while...
Love combination of system and ccbs, which gives a very skeletal, and mechanical look.
looks like a demented Fnaf endoskeleton
I would love to see if could make more variations of these "shadow figures", maybe one that has multiple appendages, or's a very interesting concept.

This is kind of how I imagined Gollum before I saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy, except light grey instead of black.


Great job.

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It appears to me that the ball joints are supposed to be exposed.. it makes it look creepy, and lanky, and somewhat black oozy, almost like symbiote...

I under stand that it's supposed to be lanky and all I just wish there was a better way of doing it.

Those eyes are my favorite part.

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I like the Bohrok tooth hook claws on its hands!

and you know,making different variations would be an awesome idea

Cease this henious double posting



Reminds me of the Terrorbeak from Don't Starve....

lol yeah