Bionicle Moc: Val Mortus

Hey guys, I got another MOC up. Tell me what you think.


Quick review:

  • I like the color scheme
  • It looks a bit cluttered by the armor and the way things are placed throughout
  • Nice weapons
  • Good back coverage
  • Unique design
  • Not too sure I like the head. Feels narrow and sort of boxy in areas.

Overall, I give this a 7.5/10. Really cool MOC! smile

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I was going for a very odd look so I added more detail peices then I normally would... I think it backfired on me though no_mouth

Thanks for the review!

Really nice, especially like the curvy torso. The world needs more curvy torsos.

Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is OK, but the Addition of Light Blue is Meh
  • Calves Build are pretty Sheet
  • Open Balljoint on back is Meh
  • The Chest itself is rather cluttered
  • Thighs seem to stick out too far
  • Spear coming from the Back of the head is Meh
  • The Black Seems non existent in the lower body; maybe if you add a bit more in the legs and arms
  • Kopaka Blades on the Torso look a bit out of place; Open pins on them also look Meh

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work wink

I don't know if the top of his torso is supposed to be color blocking but it still looks cool.

This MOC is great!

Here's a fake cookie cookie

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Yellow is a good accent.
You mimic armor well with kopaka blades.
Shield is sweet.
System head is defined.
Sword feels off.

I love this! The weapons are really good, and the yellow accents look fantastic. I am not the biggest fan of the head, but I don't think it looks bad. Great work.

@Ventum @Plural @LurkingEhlek

Hey guys,

Thanks for the critiques! I'm fixing this guy up right now. I'll probably post it in a few days.

...sorry plural, the blue's here to stay stuck_out_tongue maybe...

EDIT: @MSEP Thanks man smile

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That. Shield. Is. So. Sick. 9/9 g9 j9 m9 n9ran.


Liek if you cry every time. :cry:


Yo it's no problem man. I look forward to the update in a few days!

The head is great in my opinion (minus the HF eye)


Btw, the HF piece is there because I'm making a group of MOCs that have them on different places.I have on in the heart-light position and one on the neck so far. But yeah, It does look really weird by itself stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

Here's a link to the other on I have on site

This looks really good.