Bionicle MOC: Vorabax

Somewhere in the caves of the Earth region there was a small tribe of sentient insects that over time developed a trade route with the Earth Tribe and whenever there was a trade convoy they always stopped there to rest and trade with the locals. The chieftain of this Tribe is Vorabax . The insects evolved to dig with their big clawed legs, which did make their other two limbs a bit smaller, they also had wings they could use if they went up to the ground though the wings are only for short glides. The species is also only composed of hermaphrodites a single gender member was a rare occurrence to happen

Thought I give him a little make over, which wasn’t much just new legs, backstory and a bit better wings, though that might be changed later on.


nice bug. No real complaints

Don’t let Macku be eaten.


Now neither of them can eat…

I really like this one, but the blue pins on the legs are out of place. Can you cover them with a technic beam?



I’ll see if I have some in the right size either that or switch out the blue pins with black if I have enough

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