BIONICLE MOC: Vorzok, Eternal Emperor of Shadows

Vorzok, Eternal Emperor of Shadows.

Born from a mutilated Makuta and Energized Protodermis, Vorzok became more than just a Rahkshi. He had become an Eclivonian, a Makuta of a whole different level, insane but powerful. He eventualy gained sentient consciousness and sided with Miserix during the Revolt. Later on, he formed an army of Eclivonians, the Empire of Eternal Shadows, from his own Kraata. He left the Brotherhood peacefully, despite the fact he had previously loathed disloyalty. Vorzok set out with one goal in mind: domination of the Matoran Universe.

Possessing all the standard abilities of Makuta (shapeshifting, extreme strength, all 42 Rahkshi powers, etc.), Vorzok is also skilled in many forms of armed and unarmed combat, and has trained in organizations such as the Order Of Mata Nui (OOMN) and the Dark Hunters in other forms numerous times, giving him the upper edge and an array of powerful abilities.

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This is my first MOC on the TTV message boards, and I hope to have many more.
I hope yall enjoy everything I have to offer.

Since you aren’t a Master yet, please refrain from any more ‘Shameless Promotion’ - Waj


It is good

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It looks great!
The textures match well, and the color scheme is solid!
Also, is the system tile on the side of his torso printed?

Looks good, though the upper legs are pretty gappy.

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Looks pretty decent… In fact the only thing that looks particularly aloof about the build are the gaps in the knees.

That said, he does sport one major flaw in my eyes; he’s just rather generic looking. It’s all relatively well built, but yet there’s just nothing that particularly stands out to me… Nothing to really differentiate him with all of the other thousand or so Rahkshi-headed humanoid mocs out there.

Therefore, I recommend giving him something completely unique to him. It could be anything, really. Ornaments on the armor, a fancy headdress, some kind of wings, spines, just something creative.


He’s cool on his own, but he doesn’t really look like some kind of Emperor, he looks more like a generic minion.

There’s something about him that doesn’t really demonstrate “ultimate controller of shadow” and he just…doesn’t look all that powerful.


Pretty cool, but I agree about what @JoeScibelli said about the Emperor v minion thing.


Generic black and red rahkshi headed villain is generic

sufferer of no-real-hands syndrome

Something about the waist is bothering me, but I can’t place it.

I don’t like the backstory, too op and edgy.


Oh I know…

Also people have got very defensive in the past about calling their moc’s generic…

After all, I DID used to have a Self-MOC who wore a Hau…

So y’know…I shouldn’t get onto people’s bones about that kind of stuff.

Yes it is!
I found it and just slapped it on.
Not really sure what set it came from

@Garnira Good idea.

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