Bionicle MOC WIP: Great being

Usually I only post my WIPs on flickr,but here you have a little something c:


Quite a unique design so far. Can't wait to see the finished product!


thanks! it'll probably be finished tomorrow c:

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That head... I love it.

thank you c:

I could imagine this MOC being very great

why thank you

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Wait, what great being is this? Or is it just one you had made up?
I really know next to nothing about Bonkle lore.

Looks promising. I really love the head, it looks so unique

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Ooh, interesting! That head is really something.

This looks great so far.

hm, interesting

Interestung moc, but it feels like setback to what i imagine "Great Beeing" to be... tho it will for sure be interesting moc... gold thing from Racers are eyes, I suppoes?


Thanks guys!

@Creep *yellow