Bionicle moc WIP: Toa of Air Slolu

This Slolu Toa of Air. He is also from that old story line i had a while back. i actually made him before but i decided to re imagine him in a G2 version of himself.
He is also a WIP i ran out of parts to add the back armor i wanted to give him(just like Necron).
I didn't really have a vision for this guy i just needed a toa of air so i built one.
By the way that thing on his arms is suppose to be a shield like thing that turns into a pair of wings in the story, haven't figured out a way for them to turn into wings in the actual MOC yet though.

any way here are the Picture's i took of this guy.


I do like the weapon

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So awesome

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That weapon.
I love it...

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@tahtorak thanks.
@ouberry thanks.
@EvilLobsterKing thanks.

Why does everyone love the weapon, it was something i threw together at the last minute cause i wanted to post some with a weapon.

Am i a somewhat good MOC designer?