Bionicle MOC: Xantros

oh man it’s a Toa!!!
it’s a basic Toa, with guns on his arms!

i don’t really know which element he should control honestly…


That’s a solid torso build!
very nice

Not bad overall. If you’re just starting out with custom designs than I’d say this is a step in the right direction. Personally I’d replace the HF chest piece with multiple smaller armor pieces to add texutre and uniqness.

Nice build, the thighs could use some more covering though.

Yeah I think the only problem with this guy is the use of the chestplate the rest is good :thumbsup:

Maybe a little too much like Tahu mistika but nothing bad otherwise.

tau is that you.
is that you.
oh wait its your 2008 version.

Well, he is red…

Hot lead.