Bionicle MOCs: Hudu and Wudu

*In the ruins of the ancient city there was a shack, that look like it was part of the scenery rather than being a separate building, so only a well trained eye can see it. There two creatures lived, they moved in after the event happened where Makuta and Ekimu clashed, so the two thought they move in. The two skeletons were living in peace until the Lord of the Skull Spiders claimed it as his own, which forced them to strike a deal with him in order to stay safe. Wudu promised he'll resurrect a team of fallen warriors to combat the Toa in case the spider would fall in battle as a backup plan. Hudu gathered the ingredients for the ritual for Wudu then once they heard the death-scream of the giant spider they did the ritual to summon six fallen warriors to fight the Masters of Elements. *

Since we got the leaks of the summer sets a while back, I had the idea of trying to be ahead of the curve and make skeleton related MOCs before the summer sets hit the stores, for this I did cannibalize my Witch Doctor set, true the set looked nice and all, but I honestly always had the feeling that I could put the parts for better use (still have no idea what am I going to do with those huge CCBS bone pieces though). I tried to make them look skeleton like as best as possible, while having some armor too, though I admit the ribs turned out a little short since I don't have bigger claw pieces to use, at least at the moment.




I get that you were going for the skeletal look, but they both have very skinny legs compared to their upper body. Maybe making them white with some spikes would make them look more complete. Also, needs crotch chains

I admit Wudu's legs are a little in need of a little more, I'll have to dig through my white pile again but I'm not sure if I have enough small pieces

Wudu's legs could use a bit more white. I like both though.

Why does Hudu have Matoro's mask? I forgot the name, please don't kill me

I quite enjoy what you were going for here! smiley

It's his enchanted skull wink

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Iden? :3

These have quite the voodoo theme to them. I only like Hudu though. Wudu just doesn't cut it to me.

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