Bionicle MOCs: Vorka the Son of Roodaka, Replicant-1 the clone of Vorka

Vorka the son of Roodaka
During his inter-dimensional travels, Takanuva came across a twisted looking Metru Nui that was taken over by the spider creatures called Visorak. Sensing that the city was under the control of evil there was no point in searching for any familiar faces, but as the previous chronicler he was curios about the events that took place here, he did his best to remain hidden and looked for the archives that could hold some answers. Not too deep he found what he was looking for, information on what is going on here, the Hordika venom mutated the Toa Metru and drove them mad and with the aid of Roodaka, Queen of the Visorak they freed Makuta from his prison, after that Roodaka claimed Vakama for herself, since her "soon-to-be husband" met a terrible fate. And from this unholy unity Vorka was born, a half Vortixx, half Hordika. He was taught well by his mother, and his father showed him, as best he could, the tricks of forgery. But Vorka was yet to realize the beast within him, as one day he became berserk, his body started to mutate and in his blind rage he gave Vakama a fatal blow. Now Vorka is forced to take a drug to suppress the effects of the Hordika venom inside of him, so that this would never happen again.

At last, after many years this MOC is finally reborn from the ashes. I gotta say this MOC really stood the test of time, since I didn't give up on recreating him in a shape and form that he deserves.

Replicant-1 the clone of Vorka
Ever since Vorka had his accident he was looking for a way to cure or at least keep the Hordika in him contained for good. So he began to do his research as fast possible, wanting to find a way to fix the flaw in him. Since Keetongu was no option for him he had to start from scratch. Eventually figured out a way to clone his body to test his serums on them, sadly the results were not uplifting so far. But one, there was just one that passed the first round of testing and showed promise. After the second round of testings were done on that specimen he started to feel his Hordika mutation flaring up again and he hurried to get his dose to stop it, but accidentally he hit the "reject" button on the console when his arm started to mutate, causing it's test-tube to empty the clone into the sewage system. Vorka was furious seeing his only salvation going down the drain when he was so close to curing himself. He hurried and ordered as many Visorak as he could call to search for the clone. After a while the clone's body washed up near the Archives and woke up, coughing up some water, trying to get his bearings then he started to hear the skittering of spiders so he quickly hid in a storage chamber which closed on him, giving him time to catch his breath.
This guy has been in need of a revamp for this guy, aside from him being a self MOC along with Vorka too (the guy deserves to be after all that time) so I thought of making him the clone, making him look black and silver, having a similar look to Roodaka, showing that Vorka has more of his mother in her than his father Vakama.

But he's still the mysterious "Dark Savior" from that old nightmare I had years ago, just gave him a Bionicle related backstory.



RoodakaXVakama OTP


some funny origin stories


Nice MOCs btw. Like what you did with the Bohrok Kal headplate.


Backstory is awful. Trash it completely. The MOC is pretty good though

All the male vortixx on xia are slaves I believe.


interesting and disturbing backstory, cool moc

Surprisingly, I actually like the origin story. And the MOC looks wonderful!

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The MOCs look great and all, but...

How were Roodaka and Vakama able to make a baby? (my that question is awkward) stuck_out_tongue

Also, Metru torsos used as things other than torsos FTW!


well you see what had happened was

when a vortix and a toa love ea-

you know what, no I'm not doing this


And the universe thanks you for it.

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you're right, maybe Ranaki should explain it

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you've turned back on everything we've believed in. I shall exterminate you later...

I said maybe, jeez man

to consider the thought of it(even though you're joking) is like thinking the Joker is a good guy for a city-wide celebration!


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Nice blue pins.

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Maybe he IS the good guy... And Batman beats up this poor guy who's insane and dresses as a clown to make himself feel better...

That's rich oh this guy he gets the Internet.