Bionicle Music In Videos?

I have a brickfilm idea (not a Bionicle one though) and I think the song "Hero" would be perfect for it. If I make no money off of the video and the song was free to download (so no money lost for the artists and LEGO) and I credited the artists and the song title, do you think I would run into any trouble (YouTube take down, etc.)? Would this be fair use?


I don't know exactly. It's kind of what the artist says, for example MonsterCat lets you use their music for videos on YouTube if it's your own content and if you input the social medias and everything of the artist/artists in the description. It definently is easy to get away with it for example my friends told me his friend put in bangarang in one of his videos and it hasn't been removed yet. It's been there for a couple months. Really it is easily possible to get away with unless you have like, 100,000 subs. Otherwise you'd have to maybe find an official license from that artist/band. I don't really think it's a big deal though if it does get taken down, you could just put in different music but since you're not making profit and giving credit au really don't see a problem.

Good luck with that.

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Yeah, fair uses is a confusing thing to determine.
And.. re-looking at the rules for a small brickfilm contest I am planning to make it for, I can't use it anyway. stuck_out_tongue

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I think you'd be ok if you don't monetize it.