Bionicle Narration Project

Alright, so since it is naming day, the day for announcements, I would like to announce a new project I'll be working on; the Bionicle Narration Project. I'll be recording all the Bionicle novels as audio books, and giving them for free to the community. I'll be acting as narrator, and will probably have to voice some characters, but if anyone would like to voice any of the characters please let me know, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Credit goes once again to @Obviously_Yoni for another great poster.


Out of curiosity, where is this being uploaded to?

Probably YouTube and I'll probably try to set it up so that the files can be downloaded. @Obviously_Yoni


Sounds cool, and I'll check it out when it's done but I definently am not a voice actor.


I'd love to do it!


I'd like to do it smiley

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@TakuaTheChronicler and @Chronicler sure! Pm me and we'll discuss which characters and get auditions set up.

Apparently I should have posted MY voice acting opportunity on Naming Day.

That aside, I might be able to help, but between getting my series animated, greenscreened, building characters for it, being active on here, going to swim practice for around three hours a day, and doing school.....yeah it could take a while. Depends on how in depth you're going.

I don't wanna rain on anybody's parade, but you should probably know that this project is already going on BZP and just posted its first chapter. You can still go ahead with this; you'll just want to find some way to differentiate yourself.


@Ekorak ok, well just pm me and we can talk about if it's doable with your schedule.

@John_Smith I know, though I didn't realize that one existed until after I had come online to post this topic, and it showed me similar topics. By that time I already had a bit of an idea of what I was gonna do and this poster from @Obviously_Yoni and I decided that I was gonna do this anyway.

Cool, just makin' sure you knew. I'll keep an eye on this project. smile

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