BIONICLE: New Horizon ep. 0, "prequel"

New Horizon
ep. 0

Cave - Exterior - Night

5 barely visible silhouettes are seen walking into a cave. The last slivers of light shine through the night sky, until vanishing completely, and only the shady moon light remains. In the distance we hear the ocean roaring, and some young gukko birds flying back to their nests.

Cave - Interior - Night

The screen is black, and footsteps can be heard. Additionally, water droplets are falling into a puddle.

Unknown onu-matoran nr.1: “I can’t see a thing. Orik, get the light stones out of Nykrils pack, will ya?”

audible search noise

Orik: “there ain’t nothing there, boss.”

Pantak: “Well who’s fault is tha- never mind. Dijkeba?”

fingers snapping together 3 times

A small fire starts to light up the tunnel, and we can make out 5 matoran in the low fire light. One of these matoran, who sticks out because of his red armor, is holding the small fire in the palm of his hand.

Dijkeba: “Come on then, I ain’t no toa. Get a stick or somefin, quick.”

We see a small and scrawny looking onu-matoran pick up some sticks lying around, and handing them to his comrades, who quickly light the sticks in dijkeba’s hands.

Nykril: “Thank mata nui we brought a ta-matoran with us, huh?”

Jaraj: “Oh yeeaah, what would we do without a darn firespitter burning everything he can get his hands on.”

Dijkeba: “Jaraj, shut your mouth, or I will shut it for you.”

Boss: “The both of you, be quiet! We have work to do. You can settle your differences in the arena if you must, but not here! Understand?”

Dijkeba & Jaraj: “Yes, sir.”

Cavern - Interior - Night

The group walks further into the cave, examining the walls. After a while, Orik stumbles on to something.

Orik: “Hey boss, I think I found something!”

The rest of the group follow Orik’s voice, which leads them into a small section of the cave system. Orik is standing in front of a painting which looks to be thousands of years old. The group gathers around the small section of the cavern, the painting on the wall is difficult to see, but we can make out some shapes. Six tall beings are standing in a curved line, arms raised, beams of red, white, black, brown, blue and green light shooting out of their hands, coming together to form a wall. Behind the wall there used to be something too, but the paint has faded away, making it impossible to see what was meant to be shown. The stone canvas the cave art is on creates a stark contrast with the rest of the cave, as it almost seems to be translucent, with a light blue hue to it.

Nykril: “Oh wow, this must be thousands of years old!”

Orik: I wonder what it’s supposed to be?

Jaraj: who gives a karzahni, it’s just some old paint on a wall. Nothing we have not seen at the Onukarat museums before.

Boss: “It is strange though, I have never encountered such a strange mineral before. I-, I even think I can see behind it! What if there is a completely new tunnel system behind this wall we have never discovered! Maybe these are the tunnels we have been searching for for years! Oh, this might be our breakthrough!”

Dijkeba: “Alright, Alright, Don’t wet yourself yet, lemme do what I came here to do.

Dijkeba starts to search his pack for something.

Nykril: “Hey uh, guys? A- a- a- are you sure you wanna blow up these ancient drawings? They might have some significance to our historians!”

Dijkeba stops to look at Panzak, who seems unsure.

Orik: “Look Nykril, you’re right but think about it. If this is what Panzak says it is, then the entirety onu-wahi will have their livelihoods back! You know how we’ve all been struggling to get by, this could save us all!”

murmur of agreement

Panzak(boss): “You know, Orik is right, Nykril. We should not worry about one drawing in a tunnel when there might be many, many more right behind it. Do not be alarmed son, it is probably not even important in any case. Dijkeba, please proceed.”

Dijkeba takes the explosives out of his pack, they look colorful, almost like a rainbow was wrapped around a stick of dynamite. He places them along the edges of the soon to be entrance.

Jaraj: “What kind of a kolhii-head paints explosives like a rainbow!?

Dijkeba: “Shut it, Jaraj. It’s a long story and I don’t feel like indulging myself with telling you said story. By the way, y’all are gonna wanna get behind somefin, uhh, I was told these things have quite the kick to ‘em.”

Everyone gets behind a nearby rock, additionally Jaraj covers his head, and looks nervous. Dijkeba gets some cover as well, and holds out his right hand in the direction of the explosives.

Dijkeba: “Ready?”

The group: “Ready!”

The explosives start to shine with elemental colors, encasing the cavern in a mix of red, white, brown, blue and green light .


The wall explodes, dust particles fill the room. We hear coughing and a few “karz’s” and “Mata nui’s”.

Pantak: “Are any of you hurt?”

Orik: “No, I think we’ll all be just fine. Dijkeba, how’s about you?”

Dijkeba is laying a few feet from where he was standing, rolling his shoulder.

Dijkeba: “Ahh, don’t worry, all’s good. Just got knocked back by the blast, this’ll heal up in a matter of days."

Nykril looks over the edge of the stone they are sitting behind and we see the remains of the of the wall, which has a toa sized hole in place of the cave art that was there before it. The group gets up and walk towards the entrance.

Nykril: “Something does not seem right, m- m- m- maybe we should turn around, don’t you think?"

Jaraj: “You are imagining things, Nykril, do not be such a zyglak. I mean, ma’nui, you always do this, at least try and pretend like you are from onu-wahi.”

Dijkeba: “what is the matter with you, you was cowering behind that rock a minute ago, and now you’re berating Nykril for having some concerns! Nykril, you ain’t got nothin to worry about, boy. There can’t have been nobody in these here tunnels, ’n even if they was they’d be long dead by now.

Jaraj: “For your information, surfacer, I was not cowering. We onu-matoran simply don’t trust a walking fire-hazard like yourself with items such as explosives, I’m surprised you didn’t kill us all!

They are standing right in front of the entrance now, Dijkeba turns around and faces Jaraj, who was standing a few feet behind him.

Dijkeba: “You know what I have just about had it with you running your mouth like that, keep talking and you’ll see what kind of a fire-hazard I can really be!”

Dijkeba’s hands light up in flames, his body ready to pounce on Jaraj. Everyone is focused on the two matoran fighting.

Jaraj: “Is that supposed to be a threat, smokey? I will pummel you into the ground if you raise tha-

Suddenly, a creature leaps into the screen, attacking Jaraj. As quick as it came, it vanished.


The cave is quiet for a moment. All we hear is water, dripping into the puddle. The group is completely shocked as to what transpired, no one is moving, not a single inch.

crunching noise

Dijkeba: “this must be a sick joke, right?”

One final slurp, then some metal banging against metal. Jaraj’s head rolls out of the darkness. Then screeching can be heard coming from the tunnel entrance behind the group. They turn around.

Pantak: “We leave now, people!”

Orik: “Agreed!”

They all turn around, ready to run, but stop in their tracks. Dark, glowing red eyes greet them from their escape route. Most of the creature is shrouded in shadows, but a long beak begins poking out of the darkness. The creature almost looks like it’s smiling, and a long, gut wrenching kackle emits from the beast.

Cut to black -


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