Bionicle: New Legends - Brotherhood army(SPOILER)

UPDATE: Changed Fohrok. Now moveable head.

These are my MOC that will be shown for my video based comic series called Bionicle: New Legends. SPOILER ALERT: Be aware that these guys could be shown in future chapters. If you want surprises, you will have to ignore my LEGO creatoon topics.





*Fohrok stands for "False Bohrok". These existed already in the Bionicle Comic 25
**Exo-Toas can carry Toa Metru instead of Toa Mata


Really nice MOCs.

I think the rahkshi prove that the Av-Matoran limbs can be used decently for SOMETHING. So, kudos for that.

These MoC's arent bad, They're just meh.

The exo toa seems incomplete. Like it's still in an early prototype stage.

I know about the others being meh. The Exo-Toa seems incomplete since (spoileralert) storywise, Teridax is building an army in secret. Therefore, he hasn't much time. I also wanted to include Toas in it, like it should be. Since I need my other pieces for other things, I couldn't waste all of them on a singe MOC. That's what he looks like with a Toa:

Also, stability with this set was a big problem. My parts are pretty old and aren't mainaining the set as good as it should be. And the Toa is still pretty heavy.

For the others set, well, a Fohrok looks exactly like a Bohrok. But I'm aware I could improve the Rahkshi and the Vahki.

Most of them are a bit basic, but the exo-Toa looks good. Nice job

I can appreciate that. I think I'd make the claw arm longer (maybe thicker as well). That would make it into a more practical weapon, and the MoC as a whole will still fit the look you're trying to convey.

These are all really impressive, but I feel like the Vahki's limbs are too thin and the Exo-Toa has too many colours going on, but not spread out well enough

Will be done. Perhaps I will copy from the real Exo-Toa set, since its feature was really nice.