Bionicle: Not Much of a Self MOC Drawing, and More a Kopaka Drawing :l

So instead of building myself in Bionicle form, (due to lack of pieces), I decided to draw myself instead. As you can see he's pretty inspired by Kopaka mata. Similarities to Kopaka in this drawing contains the Akaku (with added details), a double bladed sword (with his nuva symbol), and a shield. I like to see him as a follower of Kopaka, but it's more of an update Kopaka himself :smirk:.

Edit: Heres an enhanced image :grin:


he looks cool and detailed

thx :joy:

Well he does look an awful lot like Kopaka, even for follower standards.

Nice drawing though.

yeah... thats why I made the title the name it is today. :smirk:

Neck's a bit long, but the drawing is pretty good.

Hmm... should I trace the outline with a black marker?

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