Bionicle + Outside = Gorgeous!

You just got to love when the weather is perfect, the snow glistens and figures just pop in the environment!

Visual interpretations of “The Riddle of the Great Beings” story serial.


These feel really organic, and the colour balance is perfect.

Very well done!

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Wow, these are awesome. Good use of the fan models.

(But is Kirbold’s helmet backwards?)

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Whoa, is that the iron wolf?? I thought I was the only one to have recently reverse engineered that model! Do you have other pictures I could compare mine to in order to see what aspects of our recreations are similar?

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Love these!

Just looked at Kirbold’s page on BS01, and yes I do believe it is.
(and I made a full review like this :joy: :sweat:)

I have full instructions coming within the next week or so.

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Wow these are some great pictures, I would really love to more visual interpretations of the serials from you.

These look great!