Bionicle Pirate Brigade! (W.I.P., halp)

So, I’ve recently (sometime within in the last year) posted a Pirate Captain moc called Umbrage…

But… I think its about time I start to show the plans I have for his four crew members who belong to the Heavy Metal Pirates (Name pending… I am temporarily using this because most of them accidently had gen 1 or gen 2 herofactory cores… so I slapped some of the gen 3 ones on there also.)

Here is the crew. In the middle is Umbrage, to the left are the stylish Gladus, and the fighter Auroras. To the right is the unnamed character, and the tech savy cyber warrior Fae (Whose wing is accidently blocking Umbrages face… ironic) I need some help from the community with deciding names, powers, and/or elements for a few characters except for Umbrage and Auroras.

Alright now this guy… I have a general purpose for him to be with the pirates… as he is a rare artifact hunter, and has decided that ancient relics are his to claim. Now, I didn’t want his element to be plain stone, and honestly I haven’t come up with a better alternative… along with that… I have NO clue what mask power he will have…

This is Fae, the Female Fairy Toa. She has decided all the worlds technology is hers to steal, and joined the pirates there. Her mask is going to the mask of accuracy, basically allowing her to pinpoint where any projectile she fires will strike… she also has an energy sword, a bladed plasma cannon, and an energy sword.

Then there is him… I LOVE his design first of all (yes its a he.) This guy is a bit of an eccentric, claiming all beautiful things in the world are his. Gladus, doesn’t have a set element, and I wanted to avoid “earth” but still use something related. He fights using his armored shin guards to literally kick his opponents into submission (death by glamour). Now his mask on the other hand does have an ability.

His mask, the Mask of Mutation, will warp and transform his body into the likes of a massive beast he calls carnage mode. Hating this form as it isn’t glamorous, he hardly ever uses it… but its strength and speed aren’t comparable to his regular form. When he enters this state, he is usually angered to the point of completely destroying anything in his way, crew members and enemies alike… though, Umbrage is able with just a glance to force him to stop.

In short…
Gladus: The purple one, needs an element similar or related to Earth, but not Earth directly.
Fae: The Silver one also needs an element.
Unnamed: Needs a name, Element, and mask power…

Go ahead and leave suggestions, and opinions below ^.^ I’m creative, but not enough to come up with a bunch of new characters, names, powers, abilities in a single night after a mocing spree


Gladus could be a toa of gravity
Fae could be a toa of electricity
and the unnamed one could be a toa of shattering (ok so it’s a rahkshi power. sue me)

hope this helps


I like the idea. :smile:


You spelled “help” wrong.


They all feel overly lanky.


They appear to have a lot of character, which is pretty cool. That said, I share StudentScissors’ complaint; they’re a bit too… Long.

Gravity, as others have stated, could work.

Something like plasma or radiation would probably suit her well.

How about rust for one of the powers? I know that there’s no orange there, but I think it meshes well with a pirate that spends his time looking for ancient artifacts. It’s kind of aggressive, yet also dealing with age.

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Thanks everyone for the reply!
Lol, this is the first time I’ve had people complain about my mocs being lanky… usually they are too bulky. And the major consensus is that Gladus is Gravity!

@Garnira Actually, what if I splashed orange onto Faes color scheme and gave her the ability of rust? Making her plasma cannon into a rusting cannon?

@TheRed1s Well, how about giving him the MASK of shattering :smiley:

@StudentScissors Well, Gladus was supposed to be lanky, though Fae feels a bit bulky for her size, considering she is actually very short by comparison… now I will agree, the unnamed dude could use a revamp already XD

@ToaSonus But I was trying to spell “Halp”… lol


You can try it, but I’m a bit worried about how the orange and green will look. Furthermore, I’m not sure that the saturation of green really lends itself to the look of rust. It could look nice as a highlight color, but certainly not as it is right now.

I suppose it could work if you made her mostly orange/brown, with a sprinkling of trans bright green. Might give the effect of oxidized copper, which is very much in line with decay based powers.

Actually, I think it would be about perfect if her color scheme ended up something like this. :smile:


The design of her moc was to be silver and trans dark green… and I have decided against the orange as well for a totally different reason…

that would mean two out of my three orange mocs would be female… AND two out of my three female mocs would be orange… NOPE. XD

EDIT: Her power is most likely going to be Oxygen, since its reactive and is responsible for most kinds of decay and rust.

Awwww. I was going to make a Bionicle pirate crew. I even already posted my crew’s captain, Aquariak, Son of the Seven Seas. Good job on these though, I like them so far. Also, change the name. Perhaps Hook Pirates? I don’t know.

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oh my god these are awesome

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I really like the green one.

This guy is amazing. I love the colours. :smile:

Pretty ,much what you get when you put Uxar and Breez in a blender. Looks good, maybe a tad too similar to Lewa 2016 in terms of aesthetic.

Really odd looking. Ugh, Hero Cores. Nice feet, though. :smile:

Eh. Looks odd as well. Pretty cool, though.

Unnamed dude is definitely the best. As for a name, maybe Nurivo? Kirau? Topaahk? Jaro? I don’t know.