Bionicle powers compared to Marvel Universe powers

I watch a lot of marvel movies and cartoons as well as read a few comic books. The other day I was thinking how slimier a lot of Marvel character powers were to Bionicle powers. One example that really came to mind was how a Toa of magnetism would relate to the powers of Magneto. In X-men, Magneto is one of the most dangerous mutant and was crazy hard to beat. Would a Toa of magnetism be just as powerful? Especially considering beings made out of metal.

There are a lot more comparisons I could make. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this and see what kind of comparisons other could come up with.

(fine you can do DC as well, but it's not as cool as Marvel stuck_out_tongue. BTW this is not a DC Vs. Marvel topic, so don't make it one stuck_out_tongue)


Magneto is an Omega level mutant, so he is basically an avatar of Magnetism, just as a Toa is. However, while Magneto is best at controlling the Electromagnetic spectrum, he is quite skilled in controlling other forms of energy.

Well, come now.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air, all those powers are part of the classic 4-element story. Games like Golden Sun or Final Fantasy use those sorts of things.

They're old concepts.

Gravity is a unique one, but uh, Graviton uses that, and Plasma's fairly unique, but I'm sure it's been used. Heck, technically lightning counts as Plasma, and lots of characters use that. Like Electro, and stuff.

Insect Control Kraata Power is basically a slightly better version of Ant Man's control over ants.

Something I was thinking about is how Human Torch's fire powers seem more powerful than a Toa of fire.

Also, while on Fantastic 4, the Huna and the Hau combined pretty much give you all the powers the the invisible Woman.

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I would honestly place Magneto/Phoenix/Charles/Iceman as much higher on the power chain, being Omega Level mutants. Honestly, I think they could give Toa Nuva a run for their money.

I think that any Toa going up against Magneto would just be automatically in a bind; all of their robotic parts would be instantly under his own control. Magneto doesn't just have power, he has finesse. Being able to control individual parts of any of the inhabitants would be pretty easy for him.

The main thing about Toa is that they generally have both a nice set of elemental powers, and then one additional super power with their Kanohi. That's what would tip the power balance a bit. For instance, a Toa of Fire would probably not be as powerful as the Human Torch, but with a Kualsi you suddenly have a slightly less powerful Human Torch with the powers of Nightcrawler. Or maybe you have a Toa of Magnetism around the level of Polaris...but with a Kakama, he suddenly has that and the powers of Quicksilver.


That is true, Kanohi powers could give Toa a major advantage. (Unless it was something stupid like a Kaukau or Ruru stuck_out_tongue)

You mention iceman and that stirs a thought. You know how Iceman can create frozens paths and skate across them (And Frozone from incredibles stuck_out_tongue) , would anyone else think it would be possible for Kopaka Nuva to do this? He already has skates, but we've only seen him use them where there was already ice.

I think Nuju did it once

Aight, bro. You saw Legends of Metru Nui, no? The Ruru has the ability to blind people with a flash of bright light. Very handy in a fight.

Also, depending on environment, and the wearer, the Kaukau has uses. If a Toa of Water uses it, one simple Nova Blast to flood a place, and you're perfectly safe while your foe drowns.

Well I guess you do have a point about he Ruru, but some foes don't depend on sight. Also, I think drowning would be the last thing you worry about in a nova blast. The crushing power of the water would be likely to cripple you first.

Toa of Water seem to be naturally immune to that.