Bionicle: Preamble

Here is my entry for the 1 year anniversary contest. I hope you enjoy!
Ekimu trekked across the sandy region of Stone. Each step was more difficult to take than the last. His hammer was dragging, forming a deep line in the sand. The sun, which would ignite the sky in light and the land in heat, was cloaked in dark storm cloud. The earth shook, forcing Ekimu to the ground. The tremors were only getting worse. He noticed the desert ■■■■■ and shake. Okoto itself was crumbling due to his brother’s actions. Ekimu struggled to get to his feet, but succeeded, and continued on.
The mask maker soon noticed a figure in the distance. He could not make out who it was, but Ekimu had a feeling it was Makuta. The ground shook again. The ground beneath Ekimu cracked open. He nearly fell to his doom, but caught a ledge before plummeting into the shadows. Ekimu pulled himself out, and nearly fell back in. The figure was standing in front of him, looking down. His mask was shrouded in shadows, and his armor was stained black and red.
“Hello, brother.” he said in a deep, sinister voice. Ekimu held his hammer with both hands.
“What have you done?” Ekimu asked him. Makuta looked around at the shattered earth. Shards of the island had pierced the desert’s sandy blanket.
“I did this because of you!” he cried stepping forward toward Ekimu, “You were always better than me! I was in your shadow! Now, you are in mine.” Makuta kicked Ekimu in the chest, knocking him back into the crevice. Ekimu grabbed onto the ledge, and jumped to the other side. He climbed to the top, only to be bombarded by fiery rain. Ekimu pulled his shield off of his back and protected himself from the barrage. It soon stopped, and Ekimu looked up at Makuta, who was holding a ball of energy in both hands. One glowed orange and was ablaze. The other, pure white with a flurry of snow around it. He launched them both at Ekimu, who blocked one, and hit the ball of ice back at his brother. Makuta caught it, and dispersed of the energy. He slammed his fst against the ground, causing another earthquake. Ekimu fought to stand his ground, but was soon on his hands and knees. Makuta leaped up, and landed on his brother’s back. Ekimu was pinned down on his stomach, unable to remove his brother.
“This is your end, Ekimu.” Makuta said, conjuring two fireballs. Ekimu’s mask began to glow, and a burst of wind blew his brother off. Ekimu scrambled to their feet. He sheathed his shield, grabbing his hammer with both hands. Makuta, now on the ground placed his palms against the ground. Vines suddenly entangled Ekimu and Makuta got back onto his feet.
“Why must you resist the inevitable, brother? You can not win!” Makuta cried and created on large ball of darkness. Shadows danced around the orb as Makuta stepped toward his brother. He held the sphere in front of his chest. It slowly grew and grew until Makuta could barely contain the energy within it.
“Goodbye.” he murmured. Ekimu then tore his hammer free, smashing the orb. The energy surged back into Makuta, causing him excruciating pain. Ekimu freed himself, and hit Makuta in the chin, knocking off the dark mask. A shockwave of energy knocked Ekimu into the Earth, and sent his mask flying across the island. The burst of power rolled over Okoto, and the brothers fell into a deep slumber.
Kokima raced across the Region of Stone to aid Ekimu in stopping his brother. The mask maker had said he wanted to take on his brother alone, but if Makuta had become powerful enough to cause the whole island to quake, he knew he needed to help. Kokima noticed a flash of light, and was sent flying backwards. A stone hit him in the head, knocking the protector unconscious.
When he awoke, Patak was looking down at him, shielding him from the blinding light of the sun.
“Are you alright, Kokima?” he asked him. He scrambled to his feet before he answered, and examined the sky. It was deep blue, unlike before.
“I’m quite alright.” he responded, wiping sand off of him. Kokima looked around for his blaster.
“Have you seen my sandstone blaster, Patak?” He said. Before he walked off, he got his attention, for he was holding the cannon.
“I found it a ways from here.” Kokima took it from him and examined it carefully, once satisfied, he sheathed it on his back.
“Did you see that flash of light? He asked Patak. He nodded.
“It destroyed a mine. Luckily, no one was harmed. Is that what knocked you out?” Kokima shrugged, and they continued on towards the sea.
Once at the shore, Patak followed Kokima north, to the bay. He explained what Ekimu had told him before giving him a golden mask, and going to confront Makuta.
“Did you hide it as he told you?” He asked Kokima.
“Of course!” he cried.
“Is it hidden well?”
“I think so.” he said, thinking back to where he had put it. A small shrine in the middle of the desert, where the mask sat on a tall pillar.
“What about you? he asked him.
“It may be easy to find, but at least it’s difficult to reach.” he said. Kokima stopped to think about what he had said.
“What does that mean?” he asked him.
He turned and responded, “You’re going to have to find it to figure it out.” Kokima looked at him puzzled. Patak sighed.
“Let’s go. We need to find Ekimu.” he said. Kokima thought back to his objective and caught up with him.
They soon reached a large patch of scorched earth. Everything surrounding the protectors was stained black. Kokima scanned the area, and noticed a crater in the distance, and someone near it.
“Over there!” he said as he started for the pit. Patak followed close behind. He ran as fast as he could, becoming more anxious with every step. He soon was close enough to make out who it was: Akurak, the defender of the region of ice. Kokima and Patak slowed upon learning who it was.
“Akurak? How did you get here so fast?” he asked him, shouting, as they were still a ways away.
“I’m just faster than you too!” he shouted back. The three met at the edge of the pit, and Kokima was shocked. Ekimu’s body laid lifeless, with no mask covering his face. The three watched the lifeless body, until Patak broke the silence.
“What do you think happened?” he asked. The others didn’t even acknowledge his question. They were seemingly frozen in time, unable to move. Akurak soon looked up at him.
“What?” he asked. Patak sighed and repeated his inquiry.
“I asked what you thought had happened to the Mask Maker?” Akurak shrugged.
“It was most likely linked to the shock wave that passed over the island.” he responded, and looked back at Ekimu. They waited for the other Protectors to join them under the blazing sun of the desert. It took days for the others to reach the crater, but all were eventually around the mask maker. As they watched him, whispers came from Ekimu. A scroll of pure energy appeared, telling them of six heroes who will save the island from darkness. The protectors looked at each other, unable to discern who these heroes were, and when they would be needed. They scroll began to disappear, and the whispers faded, but the prophecy was still in their heads. All six of them diverged on Ekimu. Five of them lifted the mask maker’s body, while Patak wielded his great hammer. They carried him all the way back to the City of the Mask Makers, which was left in ruin. Islanders were spilling out of the city, carrying anything and everything they owned. Patak ran ahead of the others, and stopped one islander, hailing from the region of jungle.
“What is going on?” he asked. The islander looked up, sorrow in his eyes.
“A burst of energy wrecked the city, and destroyed many homes. Mine being one of them. What are the other carrying? Why do you have Ekimu’s hammer?” he asked Patak. He looked back at the other protectors and sighed.
“We found Ekimu. He has fallen.” Gasps and whispers came from islanders passing by. The protector continued through the ruined city, the forge. Deep inside, they laid Ekimu inside of a tomb. Minoru, the protector of Jungle retrieved a golden mask of power, and placed where the mask of creation once sat. She backed away and looked at him. His hammer rested on his chest as Ekimu held it with both hands. Patak and Hanu, the protector of fire closed the tomb, and they exited the city, returning to their respective regions.

Upon returning home, Hanu’s son, Narmoto latched around his waist.
“Is Ekimu alright?” he asked his father. Hanu looked down at his son. His eyes were wide and glossy.
“Ekimu is at rest now, but will return someday.” He said. Narmoto loosened his grip and followed his father through the village, to mountain path. The two continued until the trail ended, and began to scale the mountain until they reached a long ledge. Narmoto looked down into the mountains. He searched for their village, but was too far to see it. Hanu pulled him away from the edge and into the tunnel. On the other side was a winding river of lava. Hanu knelt down next to his son.
Someday, you will be the protector of this region, and all of it’s people. You may still be young, but I feel I must tell you this. It is something Ekimu told me,” he looked deep into his son’s round eyes, and stated the prophecy.

“When times are dark and all hope seems lost, the Protectors must unite, one from each tribe. Evoke the power of past and future, and look to the skies for an answer. When the stars align, six comets will bring timeless heroes to claim the Masks of Power and find the Mask Maker. United, the elements hold the power to defeat evil. United, but not one.” Narmoto gasped, and Hanu stood. He pointed out a golden mask far out into the rapids. Narmoto moved as close to the edge as he could, so he could get a better look.
“Wow.” he said. Hanu looked down at the young child.
“When I am gone, and you become protector, defend that mask, and guide the hero to it.” he instructed his son. Narmoto nodded, and they left for the village.

Was it good? Do you think I’ll win? Truthfully, I don’t care if I don’t win. I did it more to explain some things that I thought needed explaining, and make Ekimu and Makuta’s battle more exciting than in the animations.


This was pretty great. I’ve been wanting to write an expansion on this episode, but this was pretty great.

What do you mean “this episode”?

I meant to say The Legend and The Prophecy of Heroes. My mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I see.