Bionicle Prices and Availability

I was wondering how much do Bionicle sets cost in your area. 2015 Lewa and Pohatu at my Target costs about $8.75 and all of the skull villains cost $10.00.


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I believe we already have a price discussion for '15 sets

Unless you want to make this topic about prices in general

but we already have some price topics

This was meant to be for all the sets, but the new sets probably are not on sale in most places.

My store are the usual, $10 for the small sets, $15 for the regular sized sets, and $20 for larger sets; MMvsSG is sold for $30 and Kopaka and Melum for $25.


same here in massacusetts

everywhere prices are like that

but rarely i find sales on bionicle

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Standard US prices. The same you find on the Lego Shop at Home minus tax.

13$ for Creatures

18$ for medium Toa

25$ for Large Toa

30$ for titans


God help us Bonkle fans in Canada


At my lego store Pohatu and Ketar are both on sale, but not anyone else suspicious


Well I live in sweden and here we use Kronor insted so I cant really translate it that well into USA dollor but 100 kronor is 10 Euro.
But they sell like this
protectors/creature’s 79 to 99 kronor. Depending on what store I go to
small Toa/villans go for 125 kronor to 175 depending on what store one go to
and the double/bigger sets go for 199 to 300 kronor depending again what store one go to.
(this price is the same for starwars CCBS builds as well)

Most stores here sell the sets here for their standard US Prices. I have gotten some nice deals though. In September, I got two Lewa’s from Walmart for $7.00. Earlier this year, I went to another Walmart, and found POS, Tahu, Skull Slicer, and Skull Scorpio for half off. I got the former three. And my big Kroger is selling the Toa for near-half off prices. Although, I never saw Gali at Kroger.

Some Online Stores have some 2016 sets are selling for $2-5 off retail price.

there overpriced 'nuf said


In my area, lewa and the other small sets are $19, the creatures are $15, and the large toa are $25.

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Around here the prices were what they were on However, on my most recent trip to Wal-Mart, I couldn’t find any Bionicle sets.

How about the availability of Bionicle sets in the stores in your area. Most stores around me have most of the the 2015 Toa and Protectors. (Of course LoSS is not in any of them)

Overpriced when you compare the Serbian and the US prices which sucks, and the availability of it is okay.

Compared to the older sets(G1), I have to pay more or less 5 € more than before now for nearly every set. That means that a Toa, which cost 10€ now costs 15. Same goes for the Matorans who were pretty cheap, but protectors more or less the same price as older Toa sets. But I suppose that the Inflation in Luxembourg is also repsonsible for that.

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