Bionicle Rahi Discussion

Aside from the Hydruka, I have never actually owned any of the Rahi from the olden days with 90% technic builds with awesome functions. I never got to experience that. So, I would like to know what you guys have to say about them. What was your first Rahi set? What was your reaction when you realized that it was more complex then any of the Toa?

From various parts I bought from second hand shops I was able to rebuild some of the Rahi Combiners such as the Ghekula, Metru Mantis, Waikiru, and the Keras Crab.


The first Rahi that I got were the Manas. They were the only ones I had until several months ago, when I got the Nui-Rama and the Nui-Jaga.

I don’t have any Rahi. :cry:

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Kikanalo. Good rhino-saur. Best friend.

I never owned any of the 2001 rahi, so I can’t really speak for their quality. Though why animals would have treads instead of legs still baffles me.

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The first rahi was the blue hydruka and I got him last year at an auction


The only Rahi I own are Kikanalo and Keelerak (green Visorak)

MOCing wise, I love to build Rahi, Heck, half the MOCs I’ve posted on here are nothing but Rahi. Getting to design them is one thing, but I’ve also had a blast writing a back story for each of them, so they feel more “alive” per se.


Completely forgot about the Visorak. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the red one, whatever its name is.

If they count, I have some Visorak. The only other Rahi I have are the Manas.

My first Rahi was the Fikou spider, in 2009… It was $5.99, unopened mint too… Then after it arrived, my brother opened it… :sob:


Your brother should’ve known it was yours and shouldn’t have opened it and either way it’s illegal to open up another person’s mail without their permission

He’s the one that asked our dad for it, he grew up with Bonkle more than me As he’s my older brother, but after a few years we realized how valuable it was, now you can find mint unopened for at least $9.00

I have the blue Visorak, if that counts. There pretty good, and i would definitely recommend buying them.

I have all of the Visorak.

I also have Click the Scarabax beetle.

I do not have any G1 sets…so that answers your question…

I have so many memories of seeing reviews and pictures of the rahi and wanting them ssssooo much… :frowning:

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I have (or rather, had) the Kikanalo, Pewku the Ussal, and most of the Visorak.

I have a Fikou and Klakk. :confused:

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…my condolences…


But if I could…I would get INIKA KONGU!!

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I had a gukko.


it was alright. I want a muaka so bad though…