Bionicle Reading List (For fans new and old)

Hello People of the TTV Message Boards! I am pleased to present the all-new Bionicle Reading List. A comprehensive list of all Bionicle stories and where to read them! New to Bionicle? Taken a hiatus from the fandom and want to get back in? Hardcore fan who thinks he knows everything but still needs to catch up on that one story he missed? This is the place for you!

The list includes all books, movies, comics, series, and more where each Bionicle story arc was told. It is sorted by year and by story arc, as well as by how important a story is to the overall lore. So whether you’re fairly new to Bionicle and want to catch up on major plot points or a long-time fan that wants to catch up on individual stories, this list is for you.

Click here for the link.

I’ve enabled commenting on the document so anybody who wants to make a suggestion can and should.

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I have only skimmed through it, but your list is pretty legit…

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You missed the links for the G2 books :smirk:

Wow this is pretty awsome, thanks fo doibgthis I love the series but I have never read all the books.

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