Bionicle Red Star Rising

So Bionicle and Death, yeah…I am really just curious after reading the books…what is the point of killing of characters in Bionicle if they are instantly just revived on the red star? It takes the whole essence of loss out of Bionicle and it states anything with a body remaining will be transported to the red star for revival and repair but states that makuta can not be revived because they are not compromised of Protodermis…:expressionless:…Anyone feel like this is a little too convenient? The only really truly bad species is one of the few things not made from Protodermis and it just so happens the red star cannot deal with Antidermis or anything not made of Protodermis. So funny to me, what is everyone else’s thoughts?


For story purposes the Red Star of course is… problematic. However, from the Great Being’s view it makes sense to include a mechanism in their whole GSR project that makes sure there are always Matoran/Toa/Turaga around that can work and thus ensure Mata Nui can fulfill his mission.

And that’s the main point - at the time the Great Beings sent Mata Nui on his journey 99% of the populace of the MU was made up of Matoran/Toa/Turaga. Everyone else was created by Mata Nui after that. So it kinda makes sense that the Red Star mechanisms only work on Protodermis beings.

Although given that we’re talking about the Great Beings here they might as well have included an Antidermis revival mechanism. Canon lore is a little unclear in that regard, however - on the one hand I think it’s stated that the GBs didn’t know Antidermis was sentient (in which case a revival mechanism would be pointless), on the other hand their original plan was dependent on Teridax being created and eventually taking over the GSR while Mata Nui was transferred to another robot (that in the end was never built) so that they could together reunite Spherus Magna.
Also there’s that detail of the raw Antidermis being aware of Mata Nui’s mission…

In any event, though, the Makuta aren’t necessary for the functioning of the GSR and in theory Mata Nui could always have created more if he needed them.


Very intellectually sound answer to my questions, thank you for that! Also very good points made. Yeah and I definitely agree with all the them. It is very interesting to me that Teridax was all part of the great grand scheme of things.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that the MU inhabitants were never meant to be sapient in the first place. Loss, pain, and grief were not things the Great Beings expected of wanted them to deal with, so in its purest form, the Red Star is nothing more than a recycling plant. They intended it to be like repairing a faulty computer part–even though it technically dies, none of the other parts have sentience to comprehend it, and thus it can be fixed and returned to the system without any adverse effects.

It only becomes problematic when sapience is introduced, but the Red Star also malfunctioned soon after that, so loss became a real thing for the Matoran, whereas it might never have if the Red Star had functioned correctly.


Turaga and Toa were sentient from the start, though. As apparently was Takua as an exception amongst Matoran.

But yeah, for the most part you’re right.


I I think that the red star would have led to a lot more had the serials continued. I think there was more to the revival aspect that wasnt states, but was never fleshed out.


I think your right about that, there were definitely more plans I believe, certainly to even add a revival to characters that were lost from death and bring them back in a time of need.