Bionicle+Rockraiders=Rockoh Glatorian of junk collecting

So I wanted to build a Bionicle that was also a rock raider build. So this is what came out of it.

(click the image for more pictures)

So back story for this build is I wanted to build a RockRaider Bionicle. Also I wondered what a Glatorian who collected stuff would look like given the chance to be in Metru nui.

However story for the character is he is a Glatorian who was always one for collecting junk and when Makuta died he eventually ended up collecting all kinds of junk from the old Matoran Universe such as a lot of rakshi armor, a kanoka disk, zamor spheres (which he has since modified his thornax launcher to use), a powerless kakama, and really any other piece of “junk” he could find.

Half of the items he has he forgets he has as there is just to much of it for him to keep track of which leads him to constantly loss stuff and get new stuff. He also in time started collecting information from people and has become a person you go to to get information. However you either need a lot of widgets of pieces of junk he find valuable to his needs.

Hope you folks like him.



Great work! Very reminiscent of Rock Raiders. Nice color usage with the teal and yellow accents, too!

The only change I would make is perhaps to his staff. It might look better if it was mounted to his arm, or… something.

Once again, great job!

Edit: Looked at some of the other photos on Flickr, and I’m liking him more and more. Very nice!

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He kind of looks like a bit of a mess with all of those rubber bands keeping him together


Thanks! Now that you mention it a arm mounted drill might look better. I’ll have to tinker around to see how it could work.


This. Is. Amazing.

Well I must say thanks then. As that is exactly what I had hoped for.


Stinkin’ love this thing. It all works. I really love the color scheme, ascetic, bulk, personality, and almost everything else about the MOC. Wish we got more creative ideas like this more often.

I love the inclusion of having him look like he always collects whatever junk he can find. He has a ton of character.

Thanks. I’m just glad that the look came across well.


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Geez I don’t remember the rock raiders vehicles having that much teal. But otherwise it looks cool. Nice job.

That’s a lot of rubber bands.

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OKay I will have to admit the amount of teal might be to much. I’m not really sure the Rock Raider sets weren’t the most consistent. Such as their base which had a lot more while others not so much. Probably doesn’t help most of it is all in one location on the build.


That is too good! Can we have pictures from other angles?

Looks great, I like the combo of Rock Raiders and Bionicle.

Thanks. There are more pictures of different angles on Flickr. Also I did take more pictures of different poses.

I also took advice from ReeseEH and made an arm mounted drill that can have the drill removed so he can put it on his staff.


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I’ve got most of the Rock Raiders sets and they’re all almost entirely dark and light gray with brown, yellow, and teal being accent colors. I remember Cyberslam having almost entirely teal vehicles though.

Beautiful MOC! I’m feeling very nostalgic haha

I have some of them and have always been a fan of them. I tried to get the amount of colour right but again it’s easier said than done. I do think brown he could use a little more of. I do have plans to fix that.

Didn’t help he was made of left overs.



Not sure if the cluttered look is too much or not. Not a fan of the rubber bands, though.

This concept is just so bonkers, I love it.

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