Bionicle Scenes/Photography?

I'm not certain that I'd call this "photography", but while I'm not covered in 5 feet of snow, I figured I'd take advantage of the circumstances a shoot some scenes. This is also kind of a test to see how well I can take a good bionicle scale picture while trying to leave out the buzzkill signs of humanity without going into the wilderness to shoot.

Jungle Trek

Those who came before




Shaman of Retrospect

So, did I keep a good, human-less atmosphere, or is it still lacking?


It has pretty human-less atmosphere.


There was legitimate vegetation on spherus magna and inside mata nui so this looks pretty realistic. And awesome.


I like the second Jungle Villager; reminds me of Piruk. Good photos, "Those Who Came Before" gave me genuine chills.


Lovely pictures. This would make a good comic!

Also, you got 2 PoJ? open_mouth


@ColdGoldLazarus Ah, perceptive! Yeah, that's supposed to sort of be a gen 2 Piruk. That's somewhat tentative given that we don't know whether we will or will not actually get some form of the Voyatoran, but I honestly doubt it.

I've considered making a photo-comic before. I think they called them "visual epics" on mocpages when making those were a big thing.

@Everyone else Thanks! Glad they came out without too much unintended human infrastructure showing through. I've always lived in densely populated areas, so that's always been a challenge for me in photography and stop motion.

@Chronicler And I'm going to end up getting a third for my sister's birthday present!

Here's a couple I omitted from the original post:

Among Artifacts

The Edge of Desolation


Chill, fellows. However, I do agree with Garnira. This is an issue I notice pretty often, but if you're gonna post on a creative work, either go into detail or make it constructive in some way. "Meh", to me at least, borders on spam.

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I'll correct you before I wreck you, so please read the following.

This is intended to be a family friendly site. If you've read any of our rules and guidelines, that is blatantly clear.

You are right about one thing - no one likes to be corrected or talked down to. And if you don't want either of those things to happen, it's highly recommended you speak with some level of politeness or respect. No one likes a smart alack, so unless you can pull it off with some kindness or humor, it's advised you don't attempt to be one.

Thank you.


I'm thoroughly unimpressed by your inability to actually interpret what I'm trying to tell you. Furthermore, it's not blabbering if it has meaning behind it. Beyond that, it's basically an insult to call creative content "meh" without explaining anything about why. How else am I supposed to take it if you don't back up your statement and show me a way to improve.

I recommend that you either elaborate kindly or just stop before you make yourself out to be even more of a hypocrite.

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Any chance of possibly replicating scenes from the movies or animations with any sets you have? Would be interesting to see smile

That's a really cool idea. I'd love to, but my limitation lays in that I don't really know of places that really imitate the scenes. I'll look around and perhaps you'll see them someday.

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